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What Does a Baby Feel At Birth?

13 Jan 2021 | Dr. alberto heart

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Have you ever wondered what a newborn baby feels at birth?  Dr. Alberto Heart, a pediatrician and neonatologist from Panama has. In this fascinating webinar he shares his research and insights with us. Did you know that babies cry in their native language and their baby sounds mimic those of their native language? Did you know that babies love “baby talk” and engaging with parents who look them straight in the face, open their eyes and mouth and talk quietly to them? Did you know babies can smell from birth and the smell of breast milk and amniotic fluid calms them? These are only a few of the research-based insights he has shared. Listen and learn!

This webinar is broadcasted in both English and Spanish.

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About Dr. Alberto Heart:

Dr. Alberto Heart MD, PhD Pediatrics and Neonatology. MSc Neurodevelopment of the premature baby. Evidence based medicine expert and Positive discipline instructor. Dr. Heart works as pediatrician and neonatologist in Panama. He is a proud member of APILAM (Association for the promotion and investigation of cultural and scientific aspects of human lactation) and an active collaborator of, one of the largest evidence-based databases and search engines of medical interventions, medications and treatments and their interactions with breastfeeding.  He is a renowned lecturer regarding the topics of humanization of birth, respected care of the newborn baby, lactation, child development and the neurophysiology of birth and co-regulation.

He has worked together with the Panamanian branch of La Leche League in the education and promotion of breastfeeding in Panama and was chosen as “Ambassador of breastfeeding” for his work. He is married to Dr. Karla Camacho MD, PhD, OBGYN and both are very active in the education and promotion of positive legal changes in their country regarding the humanization of birth and lactation. They have two lovely children whom they consider their best teachers in life.