Torticollis and Jaw Asymmetry: Strategies for Assisting and Counseling the Breastfeeding Dyad

20 February 2019 | Jan Ellen Brown


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This webinar addresses the impact of structural infant issues like torticollis and jaw asymmetry can have on breastfeeding comfort and efficacy.  Strategies for therapeutic latch and positioning, as well as maintenance of milk supply, will be presented.  The causes and remedies are discussed, along with case histories and outcomes.  Photographs of before and after treatments are included. The speaker has a personal association with this topic with her firstborn.   She has worked in the clinical field of lactation for 27 years and has also assisted hundreds of mothers of infants with this issue.

This webinar is eligible for 1 L-CERPs credit.

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About Jan Ellen Brown:

Jan Ellen Brown, BS, IBCLC has worked in the field of lactation since 1989. After graduating with a degree in dental hygiene, she had a career in pediatric dentistry (ultimately, a good fit for infant oral anatomy issues). With the birth of her first daughter, she was spurred to learn more about the art of breastfeeding. She became a LLL leader, a UCLA Certified Lactation Educator program graduate and joined The Nursing Mother’s Place at Novant Presbyterian Hospital as a lactation intern. She became an IBCLC in 1991 while pregnant with her second daughter. She has a BS in Maternal Child Health. Jan Ellen has been a hospital-based IBCLC and established a large home visit practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. She has been faculty at Novant Presbyterian Hospital’s LEAARC lactation educator program and at Lactation Education Consultants and is a frequent conference speaker.  She is on the editorial review board of the USLCA journal, Clinical Lactation. She has served on the Board of Directors for BELLAS, a peer counselor program. Along with Kathleen Huggins, she is the co-author of 25 Things Every Nursing Mother Needs To Know and The Nursing Mother’s Companion Diary. Jan Ellen is presently on staff at a pediatric clinic as a lactation provider.   Her two adult daughters, KJ and Erin, both attorneys, practice in Charlotte, NC, USA, and New York, New York, USA. Jan Ellen lives in Charlotte with her beloved black labrador Bella.