Webinar Registration – Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) and Infant Feeding

Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) and Infant Feeding

15 May 19 | Dr. Greg Notestine

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This presentation was written for healthcare providers and modified to be suitable for Leader enrichment, too. Dr. Notestine explains to medical professionals how to do a release procedure themselves and Leaders should understand that when he says “you”, he is speaking to healthcare providers. Many Leaders will find it useful to see how the examination and procedure should be done by trained medical professionals. The intention is NOT to teach Leaders to do the examination or procedure. As always, Leaders viewing these webinars need to remain aware of the scope of their Leader’s role. As Leaders we do not diagnose, promote treatment, or speak against treatment for oral issues. We may highlight a variety of options for mothers to consider and discuss with their healthcare providers. This webinar shares one perspective for consideration and makes clear that a Leader may only observe, inform and refer parents for possible tongue tie issues, or any other potential issue.

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In this informative webinar, Dr. Greg Notestine teaches how to recognize potential Tongue-tie, Lip-tie, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS) by signs and symptoms, how to define TOTs, and how TOTS are diagnosed and treated.  He also helps participants to understand the value of working with other healthcare providers for best outcomes and learn potential future outcomes of untreated TOTS.

Please note: This webinar portrays an actual surgical procedure. Please be aware of some content that may be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Please make use of the pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons.

Registration Fees:

Leaders and Leader Applicants– Webinar without 1 L-CERPs: $8.50

Non-Leaders– Webinar without 1 L-CERPs: $15.50

About Dr. Greg Notestine DDS:

Dr. Greg Notestine has worked with LLL Leaders to help them understand the diagnosis and potential treatment of oral restrictions for three decades. He is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has been in private practice since 1978.  Dr. Notestine maintains staff privileges at Miami Valley Hospital’s General Practice Residency.  He is an alum of Wright State University and Ohio State’s College of Dentistry.