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Using Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility in Breastfeeding Conversations

8 April 19 | Jeanette Panchula

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La Leche League International is proud to present our newest webinar “Using Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility in Breastfeeding Conversations” with Jeanette Panchula.  Cultural Awareness and Cultural Humility are described, and examples provided of how these can improve communication with families and collaborators. By avoiding generalizations and concentrating on the specific individuals we meet; asking, listening and learning about them, solutions to breastfeeding barriers can often be discovered.

This webinar is broadcasted in both English and Spanish.

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About Jeanette Panchula:

Jeanette Panchula was born in Puerto Rico and raised in a bilingual/bicultural home.  She has a BA in Social Work and is an RN and an IBCLC.  She is the mother of 3 breastfed children and grandmother to 6 breastfed grandchildren due to her wonderful daughters-in-law. She has moved many times during her 50 years of marriage.

She has been a Leader since 1975 and she coordinated Spanish translations in the 80’s when communication was via typed letters that took weeks to respond, especially from Latin America, where her volunteer collaborators (often founding mothers of LLLI in their own countries) lived!

She credits her 10 years as a Leader as well as the translations of LLLI handouts with passing the first IBCLC exam in 1985.  In 1989 she finally earned her nursing degree, which led her to Public Health, her second passion after breastfeeding.  She worked in the Family Care Center in Missouri, Projecto Lacta Breastfeeding Clinic, where she also provided breastfeeding education to the staff of public health clinics and hospitals in Puerto Rico, and finally to the public health department’s Public Health Nursing and WIC programs in CA.

She was recognized for her work by being awarded the California NurseWeek Nursing Excellence Award in Community Service in 2009.

She has trained a variety of Peer Counselors in programs such as WIC, Promotoras and A More Excellent Way Health Improvement, a program targeted for African American churches.   She also has provided trainings about breastfeeding and about intercultural communication to staff of hospitals and community health agencies in local, national and international venues.

Although retired, she is still an active Leader.  The LLL group which now meets at her home, began, of all days, on the morning of September 11, 2001 – and yes 3 moms desperate for breastfeeding information came that morning!