The Cold Cup of Tea

The Cold Cup of Tea

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Marija Smits

An already-cold cup of builder’s-strength tea

Is sat by the sink, and saying to me:

“I’m delicious, delightful, so drink me up, do!”

But I’m knee-deep in children, and nappies, and poo.

So call me again, when I’ve sorted this mess,

And have time to relax, and unwind and de-stress.


Later, much later, when the kids are asleep,

In my nightie and slippers I quietly creep

To the kitchen, and there is that cold cup of tea,

Still delicious, still delightful, and still waiting for me…


From Musings on Mothering About Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding: an Anthology of Art, Poetry, and Prose. Find out more here.
Published with the express permission of the author.