Pre-Application Information for Leaders

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Having a Pre-Application Dialogue

Helping others become LLL Leaders is one of the five basic Leader responsibilities. If you haven’t worked with a Leader Applicant before or if it’s been a few years, read Helping Others Become Leaders, Chapter 5 in the revised Leader’s Handbook. It explains what needs to be covered during the pre-application phase and discusses your role as supporting Leader during the application period.

Below are the documents you will need for the pre-application discussion. Be sure to discuss the following in detail before filling out the Leader Recommendation form and sending the Application form to the potential Applicant.

  • LLLI Prerequisites for Applying for Leadership
  • LLL philopsophy – discuss each of the ten concepts
  • The work of a Leader
  • The application work
  • Cost of an application, if applicable

If you have any questions or concerns about recommending this person, consult the Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA) for you Area.

Leader’s Pre-Application Packet

What to share and discuss with the potential Applicant:

For Leaders:

These two forms are generic LADI versions.  Please contact the Leader Accreditation Department for your Area to receive the local versions of the forms.

During the Application Period
The LAD representative assigned to the application will send you all the resources needed for the Applicant’s preparation for leadership. These documents are also available online: Leader Application Resources.

Additional resources for Leaders are:
Leader Applicant’s Resource Kit – Leader’s Guide (Mar 2022).
Checklists – For Supporting Leader (Sep 2022) These checklists from the LAD Manual include:

  • How Applicants Can Use the BRG
  • Suggestions for Completing the Preview with an Applicant
  • Additional Information Leaders Can Share with Applicants

The following optional resources may help you and the Applicant stay motivated and focused on application work. Use them if you think they will be helpful. Feel free to adapt them.

Helpful Webinars for Leaders 

The videos below were all presented as part of the LLLI 65th Anniversary Conference.

Los seminarios web en español están disponibles en la página Seminarios Web.

    • Finding Potential Applicants and the Pre-Application Discussion – Lori Bryan and Sarah Quigley

    • Making Application Work Fun – Cindy Garrison

    • Working with Applicants Virtually or via Social Media Groups – Britany Casey