Welcome to our pilot edition of La Leche League Today, from La Leche League International (LLLI).

This new publication from LLLI brings you news about our resources, our advocacy work, our fundraisers, and exciting projects. We shine a light on the amazing work LLL Leaders and LLL entities are doing. LLL Leaders make a difference every day supporting and advocating for breastfeeding across the world. Find out more about the change that different Leaders are making as we celebrate all Leaders’ LLL work.

La Leche League Today will be published in our six major languages – Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Our translations were all done by our wonderful teams of volunteers. If you would like to help with future translations please get in touch hguzman@llli.org.

We aim to publish articles with a high ‘readability ease’ score. We also aim to use accessible and diverse images. Please help us by sharing your breastfeeding/chestfeeding photos here.

We’re just getting started, and we really want to know what you think. Please share your feedback and ideas for future editions with the LLLI Board board@llli.org. All ideas are welcome.

LLLI runs with a fantastic small team of staff and a very tight budget. Donations are always welcome to help us to expand our reach and to offer new resources and projects. Donations to LLLI help us to provide operational support to our brilliant Leaders who are supporting mothers and parents around the world. You can make a donation here. You can also support your local LLL entity or group; you can find them here.

We hope you enjoy this first edition!

La Leche League Today team

Translations Teams
Chinese: Varvara Karu, Janedy Chan
French: Lindsay Bach, Melanie Le Boursicot
German: Patricia van de Graaf, Anja Harnisch, Julia Weller
Japanese: Masako Baumgardner, Agawa Maki, Asayo Mori, Akane Kadota, Emi Takada, Satako Nyudo, Yoko Jones
Spanish: Clara Zapata, Veronique Lesoinne, Heidy Guzmán
Translations coordinated by Shevawn O’Connor

Review Team
This publication was coordinated and reviewed by Carolyn Driver-Burgess, Caroline Kren, Ellen Mateer, Johanna Rhys-Davies, Devorah Schesch-Wernick
Proofreading by Marianne Vakiener