Ten ways La Leche League is making a difference

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Welcome to our pilot edition of La Leche League Today, from La Leche League International (LLLI). 
This new publication from LLLI brings you news about our resources, our advocacy work, our fundraisers, and exciting projects. We shine a light on the amazing work LLL Leaders and LLL entities are doing. LLL Leaders make a difference every day supporting and advocating for breastfeeding across the world. Find out more about the change that different Leaders are making as we celebrate all Leaders’ LLL work. Read More >

Photo of refugee camp with tents and children barefoot in mud.

LLL Leaders Making a Difference

And then it was February. It only took a single day before two Leaders in Poland, Julita Hypki and Kasia Pawlaczyk, offered breastfeeding support to refugees from Ukraine. Read more >

Teal background. 3 images of babies nursing. Text in black 'The Art of Breastfeeding'. New edition of LLLI’s core book coming in 2024!

LLLI is happy to announce the brilliant writing team for the new edition: Jayne Joyce (UK), Bibiana Moreno-Carranza (Mexico), Teresa Pitman (Canada) and Anna Swisher (USA). The four writers are all LLL Leaders. Read more >

Graphic of 3 figures carrying babies walking - white outline on blue background, overlaid on map of the world. Text in green: step up together for breastfeeding. Green LLLI logo. Let’s Step up Together for Breastfeeding!

As the world faces the pandemic and other emergencies, many people want to focus on their own health. They also want to support local breastfeeding mothers and families. Here is a chance to challenge yourself on a personal level that will have an impact on supporting La Leche League around the world. Read more >

“As LLL Leaders we cannot always fix the world, but through La Leche League we can sometimes make a world of difference to the lives of breastfeeding families.” Mary Bird & Tania Ruseva, LLL Future Areas in Europe
Orange background. Black text: We support the @WHO/@UNICEF open letter in support of mothers and families, to #EndExploitativeMarketing practices used by the $55 billion formula milk industry.
End Exploitative Marketing!

Bad industry marketing practices must be stopped. We know that breastfeeding within the first hour of birth, followed by exclusive breastfeeding for six months and continued breastfeeding for up to two years or beyond, offers a powerful defense against all forms of child malnutrition. Read more >

Teal background. 4 Leaders stand linking arms with their back to the camera. They have white LLL logos on the back of blue t-shirts; they turn to look at each other and we can see their smiles. New Leaders

We are thrilled to share that in the past six months LLLI accredited an amazing 90 new Leaders. Read more >

Sage background, banner of nursing images, LLL Canada logo. Text below in dark blue reads 'Focus on La Leche League Canada'

Focus on LLL Canada

So as we enter our summer months in Canada, you can picture us outside in parks and backyards on blankets and lawn chairs. We will be surrounded by moms and babies and parents, enjoying our hot sunny days. Read more >

Close up of nursing dyad relaxing on a sofa. Mother wears a black vest top and striped shirt, she looks at her baby. Baby has its hand on her breast and looks at the camera.
keeping You Up to Date

The needs of babies have not changed over the years, but society and the environment for the breastfeeding dyad have changed. New information and research about breastfeeding are published each year. Keeping up to date to help breastfeeding families is an ongoing process. Read more >

Green background, photo is an external setting, a smiling mother nursing her baby. LLLI logo. Text reads 'Our international Facebook group provides support to parents in nurturing their babies through nursing or expressing milk https://www.facebook.com/groups/LLLI.Breastfeeding.Support/' Global, online breastfeeding support

We are proud to announce that the English language LLLI Breastfeeding Support Group on Facebook recently reached 60,000 participants!  Read more >

Teal background. Photo of Hiroko Hongo standing in front of a banner at the entrance to the meeting.

11TH BFHI Network Meeting

We are delighted that on the 15 – 17 June 2022 Hiroko Hongo was able to attend the meeting on behalf of LLLI. The meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium. Hiroko is a member of the LLLI Advocacy, Networking and Action Committee and a Leader with LLL Japan. She has extensive experience with Baby Feeding Hospital Initiative (BFHI) and international breastfeeding advocacy. Read more >

LLLI Conference Sessions

We recently celebrated our 65th anniversary with our online conference – Celebrating Connections. We will be making many of the sessions available as webinars. Read more >

At La Leche League International, our goal is to make sure that all of our volunteers (LLL Leaders) have the support they need as they help struggling mothers and families breastfeed. When you support LLLI you make a real difference in the lives of our LLL Leaders and the families they serve. Thank you! Donate here >