Negotiating the New LLLI Website

Ellen Mateer, Calderdale, Great Britain

The new LLLI website was launched on 14th February 2018. Ellen Mateer, Chair of the Website Committee, shares her tips for Leaders to negotiate their way around the new site.

Truly international

We hope that the new LLLI website will:

Our aim is to make the website visually interesting and accessible. We have added images from LLL entities around the world, in order to have a more culturally diverse site that reflects those we support and those we seek to serve globally. We will continue to improve representation of underserved groups. We also intend to build a photo library for all Leaders to use and will be putting out a call for contributions to this resource soon.

Logging in to the password protected area

Your user name continues to be the same LLL ID used on the old website. Leaders have been sent their new personalised login details by email. If you have any issues logging in, contact Caroline Behe for support at You may need to be logged into the website for some links in this article to work.

Responsive design

The website is now optimised  for visitors using mobile devices. We know that approximately 80% of visitors to the LLLI website use a mobile device so this is really important. The site can also be read using a screen reader. A screen reader is a software application that enables people with severe visual impairments to access text on a website, either through “text-to-speech” technology (so the information is read aloud) or by translating the text and transferring to a Braille display.

Breastfeeding information

A number of Leaders have helped the Website Committee with revising content and writing new articles. The Global Professional Liaison (PL) Network has also assisted with revision and review of posts and will continue to be involved as we move forward. We have retained information on every breastfeeding topic on the old website, but you will now find it in a different form. Content from “Breastfeeding Answers from La Leche League,” “Alphabetical FAQ Subject Index,” and “Help Form FAQ”  are now merged, reviewed for technical accuracy, updated, and reorganized so the information is easier to find

  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and Sweet Sleep tear sheets in English are now available in the Leader Area (you need to be logged in to view them). They are available in Spanish here:
  • Tear-off sheets (other than the Womanly Art and Sweet Sleep tear sheets), Leaven, New Beginnings and some Breastfeeding Today articles have been archived. To access any archived material contact Lee Claassen

We will continue to add and review information regularly so that the LLLI website is a reliable resource for Leaders and parents.

Breastfeeding Today and Leader Today

Breastfeeding Today and Leader Today are now located on the LLLI website. Leader Today articles will be split between the public and password-protected Leader areas depending on the intended audience for each post. We intend to migrate all issues of Leader Today to the new website. More Breastfeeding Today articles will be added and we will continue to build our international magazine with future issues. If you want access to a specific article before it has been migrated we will be happy to provide it. Please contact Allison Winter at

Other languages

Under the Find Your Language menu you will see a number of languages. Visitors who select a specific language will be taken to a page listing LLL entities that provide support in that language and links to selected translations. Visitors to the website can also use the built-inGoogle translator.

The map under the Get Help menu can be used to search for LLL support around the world. Every national entity has a link to their website or Facebook page/group. If an entity does not have an online presence to link to we have created an internal page that lists contact information for local Leader/s. It is important that no matter where a mother is geographically she can use the LLLI website to access her closest support. If you see out-of-date contact information, or links that need to be updated please contact Maegan Eichinger at

Translators needed

It is a priority of the Website Committee to work with Direct Connect Entities  and Areas to improve and develop information available in languages other than English. If you are able to help with translation of materials please get in touch with Ellen Mateer at

Future plans

We intend to add additional functionality as our budget allows, including a print page feature and an online Leader directory. We want to make sure the website works for you and the mothers and families you serve. If you have comments, suggestions or concerns please send them to Ellen Mateer at or contact any LLLI Board member.

As with all websites, LLLI’s will be a continual work in progress. With everyone’s help, we can continue to build and maintain a useful site of which we can all be proud.

Ellen Mateer lives with her partner and three children (16, 14 and 10) in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. She was recently appointed to the LLLI Board of Directors. When she is not working for LLL, she works with an intergenerational community theatre group and enjoys time in her garden.