LLLI News – 30 September 2023


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The following policy changes were approved at the Board meeting on August 23, 2023.

  1. To delete the Loans policy because it is now in the Executive Director – Financial management policy.
  2. To approve the proposed change in Applying for Leadership policy: Leadership Skills, point 3: Be familiar with the contents of the Leader’s Handbook, if available in an accessible language and format.
  3. To move the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative endorsement out of the PSR and put it in a separate “endorsements” section on the LLLI website.
  4. To move the WHO/UNICEF Global Strategy statement out of the PSR and put it in a separate “endorsements” section on the LLLI website.
  5. To move the World Alliance of Breastfeeding Advocates (WABA) statement out of the PSR and put it in a separate “endorsements” section on the LLLI website.
  6. To remove the Declaration for the promotion of Breastfeeding and the Marketing of Artificial Feeding Products in the USA from the PSR and not replace it at this time.
  7. To remove the UNICEF Meetings statement from the PSR and not replace it at this time.
Website Update

Launch of new LLLI website

LLLI is excited to share that the new LLLI website was launched on 26 September.

We hope you will find it useful in your work supporting those who are nursing their babies and young children. Please contact the LLLI Social Media and Website Committee at socmedcmte@llli.org with any suggestions for improvements.

All Leaders have received an email regarding how the new Leader Portal will be the login for https://llli.org/. Leaders who have not set up their login prior to the launch of the new LLLI website, will be required to do so in order to access Leader pages and content. If you have any issues with access and login, please contact info@llli.org.

How to Access the New Leader Portal and Update your Information

In order to access the new Leader Portal and login for the first time please utilize the following resources in your preferred language.

Visual instructions for setting up login:


Text Document with instructions:


Search for DLAD

As Linda Wieser’s term as LLLI Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (DLAD) comes to an end, a search for the next DLAD or co-DLADs will be sent out soon.

LLLI Mid-Year Campaign

[Image description: On the left-hand of the image is a mother breastfeeding her baby next to a lake.  The words “Thank you for Stepping Up!” are on the right-hand of the image with the LLLI logo underneath the words.]

LLLI raised $21,164.88 in donations for the Mid-Year campaign. Thank you to every person who contributed and supported this effort.

Recent ad Upcoming LLLI Board meetings
  • 13 September 2023
  • 27 September 2023
  • 11 October 2023 – Mid Year Board Session Day One
  • 12 October 2023 – Mid Year Board Session Day Two


Who’s responsible for what?

It can be difficult sometimes to remember who exactly is responsible for helping a Leader Applicant with each part of the application. Here’s a quick guide you might want to have handy to help keep things straight:

  • Personal history (discussion of the ten concepts, including how they influenced the Applicant’s parenting and how they relate to the work Leaders do)
    • Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) representative works together with the Applicant
  • Breastfeeding Resource Guide (BRG) or approved equivalent
    • Applicant may complete independently, with a supporting Leader, or with a group of Applicants
  • Checklist of Topics in Preparation for Leadership (Checklist)
    • Supporting Leader works together with the Applicant or with a group of Applicants
  • Background reading (Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, LAD publication Childbirth and Breastfeeding or another comprehensive book on childbirth, be familiar with the contents of the Leader’s Handbook, if available in an accessible language and format)
    • Applicant completes independently
  • Preview of Helping Questions and Group Management (Preview)
    • Supporting Leader together with the Applicant

Many Applicants enjoy working together when completing various parts of the application. Group work is a wonderful opportunity for Applicants to learn from each other and begin to form working relationships with other future Leaders. LAD within your DCE may be able to help you find or create a workshop, either virtually or in person, if the Applicant being supported is interested. Supporting Leaders are often invited to participate with the Applicant.

LAD representatives are always available to help find alternatives if the supporting Leader is unable to assist an Applicant with any part of the application. Never hesitate to reach out for help. New Leaders are accredited faster when the LAD representative and the supporting Leader work together!


Help normalize breastfeeding by sharing your photos and stories with us! We welcome all nursing photos. At the moment, we are particularly looking for those that help show racial diversity, gender diversity, parents and babies with disabilities, and a range of feeding options such as cup feeding, tube feeding, and using an at-breast/chest supplementer.

Please submit your images here.

If possible, please avoid having any brand visible in your photos.


LLLI will be holding an international online conference 17-18 October 2024, to highlight the publication of The Art of Breastfeeding. The LLLI Conference Task Force is seeking new members from around the world, ideally Leaders with experience in running online LLL events. If you are interested, please contact Carolyn Driver-Burgess cdriverburgess@llli.org or Ellen Mateer emateer@llli.org.

The Task Force is gathering suggestions for speakers and topics that Leaders would like to see presented at the conference. Please add your ideas to this Facebook group or send an email to Ellen and Carolyn as above.


The LLLI Action, Networking and Advocacy Committee has created a subcommittee called “Breastfeeding Support in Emergencies”. One of the main purposes of the subcommittee is to prepare a resource center for LLL entities and Leaders who may want to provide breastfeeding support for mothers in local communities affected by emergencies and disasters.

The subcommittee is presently looking for Leaders from around the world who have been involved in an emergency response to join a workgroup for developing the resource center. If you have experience in helping provide breastfeeding support in an emergency response, please contact RuthAnna Mather, chair of the subcommittee <bfsupportinemerg@llli.org>.


The following three webinars will soon be available for viewing at the LLLI Webinar Library. Here is the LINK.

  • Bias and Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding and Human Rights
  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The Mastitis Spectrum


The LLLI French Translation team is looking for additional members to translate LLLI News, LLL Today, and policies from the PSR. Assignments are no more than 2,000 words and are done in pairs. Please consider bringing your language skills to this collegial group of francophones! Contact info: Eileen Harrison, French Translation team coordinator <eileenharrisonlll@gmail.com> and Carolyn Driver-Burgess, Translations Committee chair <cdriverburgess@llli.org>


LLL Leader Ann Calandro (LLL Alliance) was honored in August 2023 by being made a Fellow of the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA). The Fellow of the International Lactation Consultant Association (FILCA) designation recognizes significant voluntary commitment to ILCA and also the professional excellence and achievements of leaders and mentors in the field of lactation consultancy.