LLLI News – 12 December 2023


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The LLLI Board approved the revised LLL Logo and Name Protection policy. The LLLI Board approved the motion to delete the three policies incorporated into this and other policies: LLL Logo policy, LLL Logo and Name Protection policy, Selling Items with the LLL Logo policy.

The policies were reviewed as part of the work to review the entire LLL Policies and Standing Rules by 2024. The Bylaws Committee co-chairs welcome any questions.

LLLI End of Year Campaign
Help Families Access Crucial Breastfeeding Resources. Give Today

[Image description: Black mother with long reddish hair, wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans.  She is sitting on the living room floor nursing her baby. Text: “Help Families Access Crucial Breastfeeding Resources. Give Today.”]

La Leche League International (LLLI) has launched its End-of-Year Campaign, 1 November – 31 December 2023. It is the biggest fundraiser LLLI has! The goal is to raise $100,000. This year 10% of all proceeds raised during the End-of-Year Campaign, up to $10,000, will go towards establishing the new Marian Tompson Breastfeeding Support in Emergencies Fund. LLLI is delighted to have your support!

The Marian Tompson Breastfeeding Support in Emergencies Fund is a restricted fund, created to support breastfeeding during emergency situations. This fund is named after La Leche League Founder Marian Tompson and will provide assistance and resources to LLL entities and Leaders around the world. They can use this to help communities and families facing crises such as natural disasters, conflict, displacement, and other emergency situations. Leaders can read more about the Marian Tompson Breastfeeding Support in Emergencies Fund at this LINK. Support this effort by sharing information or making a charitable contribution at: Donate Now – La Leche League International (llli.org).

2024 LLLI Online Conference

Save the date! LLLI is holding a global online conference on 17-18 October 2024, to highlight the publication of The Art of Breastfeeding. Sessions will be available live and on demand, with translations made available. Ideas for sessions and speakers from around the world are welcome. You can share ideas with this Facebook group, or contact the LLLI Conference Task Force at conferenceteam@llli.org. Anyone interested in helping organize the conference is also welcome to contact the LLLI Conference Task Force.

Recent and Upcoming LLLI Board meetings
  • 8 November 2023
  • 29 November 2023
  • 13 December 2023


Leader Applicant Work Groups

Many Leader Applicants enjoy completing their applications in groups. They feel connected to the organization and create a network of support and friendship that continues after accreditation. 

What can this look like? It could be multiple Applicants working with a supporting Leader and LAD representative, meeting either in person or virtually. Or the Applicants working together; for example, on the Breastfeeding Resource Guide (BRG) or optional exercises. 

Here are some suggestions that you might want to use for group work:

  • Personal History of Breastfeeding and Mothering – Applicants send their personal history to the LAD representative. Ask follow-up questions for each concept to initiate a group discussion.
  • Checklist of Topics to Discuss in Preparation for Leadership – Discuss topics with input from all.
  • Breastfeeding Resources Guide (BRG) – Work through each question as a group, or divide up the BRG questions. Have each Applicant share their “answers.”  Create a shared document with all BRG “answers.”
  • Preview of Helping Questions and Group Management – Discuss the group management topics.  Have a mock meeting.  Role-play* helping questions with Applicants, as well as Leaders giving feedback.
    *role-play: act out a role as part of learning a new skill


The LLLI Personnel Committee is seeking candidates for the following.

Accreditation Review Committee

Complaint Resolution Team

Global Leaders Committee Review Panel

Please contact the LLLI Personnel Committee at personnelcmte@llli.org if you have questions. Any training needed will be provided. You are welcome to recommend yourself and other Leaders. Applications can be submitted here.


In the past four months, Leaders in Hawaii, USA; Morocco; Naples, Italy; Israel; Guerrero, Mexico; Nepal; and Chennai, India have been contacted about disasters happening in their countries. The Leaders were provided with breastfeeding in emergencies information in the native language(s) if available and other languages for those who may not speak/read the native language(s) in those countries. Microsoft Word files of relevant LLL resources were offered for translation purposes and shared with those who requested them.

LLLI is a member of the Infant Feeding in Emergencies (IFE) Core Group, which requested Arabic resources for an IYCF-E response in Gaza. LLL resources in Arabic were shared with the IFE Core Group partners.


The fourth edition of LLL Today was sent out during the last week of October to all Leaders.

LLL Today brings you news about our resources, our advocacy work, our fundraisers, and exciting projects. We shine a light on the amazing work LLL Leaders and LLL entities are doing. LLL Leaders make a difference every day supporting and advocating for breastfeeding across the world. Find out more about the change that different Leaders are making as we celebrate all Leaders’ LLL work.

Send contributions for LLL Today to dali@llli.org or llltoday@llli.org.


CERPs are now available for the LLLI webinar “Getting to the Heart of the Matter: The Mastitis Spectrum”. View this webinar and the two other newly posted webinars, “Breastfeeding and Human Rights” and “Bias and Breastfeeding” at this LINK. LLLI webinars are offered free of charge to all Leaders and Leader Applicants. A small fee is charged for those requesting CERPs.


Mary Sundquist Lofton passed away in October 2023. Mary served as the LLLI Public Relations administrator in the 1980’s. She was a valued resource for newspaper, radio, and television reporters who relied on her expertise. In 1987 Mary founded the LLLI Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program. LLLI partnered with the US Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program in Illinois, USA and the Chicago (USA) Board of Health to launch the first official Peer Counselor Training Program. It reached out to women of various races and socio-economic groups which LLLI had identified as underserved populations.


Friends of LLL

[Image description: Individual photos of six mothers from various locations nursing their babies. Box in the middle of photos with the text “Save the Date! 24-27 October 2024. More info to come! https://friendsoflll.org/” and logos for Friends of La Leche League and La Leche League International.]

Save the Date! 24-27 October 2024

You are invited to a Friends of LLL (FoLLL) trip to Chicago, including dinner hosted by the LLLI Executive Director, Zion Tankard, and the Friends of LLL, with the writers of the new edition of The Art of Breastfeeding. Keep up with the details on the FoLLL website.