LLL Today #5 – Photo Gallery

Matthieu is the proud father of two children. He trained as a pediatric nurse. For the past twenty years, he has worked in maternity wards, neonatology units and pediatric emergency departments. Naturally, he comes into contact with many women and children.
Photography allows him to take a break from his emotionally-charged professional life. He particularly enjoys highlighting what is often hidden or taboo. For example, he photographs breastfeeding, postpartum, pregnancy, birth and nursing scenes. But also the female body in all its diversity, far from the clichés disseminated on social networks.
He practices what he calls “photo-therapy”. The aim of photo-therapy is to restore women’s self-esteem, which is often damaged after childbirth and during the post-partum period. His shots of breastfeeding dyads offer young mothers a positive image of themselves and of what they do for their baby.
To discover Matthieu’s work, please visit his website or Instagram account.