LLL Today #3 – Exciting Projects that Enhance the Reach of La Leche League

In early 2021, La Leche League International awarded six grants, totalling $27,000, focused on bringing basic breastfeeding information to populations where information was not readily available.

As Leaders worked hard to reach the breastfeeding population amid the pandemic, it was an optimal time to look for new ways to reach people embarking upon breastfeeding.

Proposals were submitted and projects were selected based on their potential impact and the amount of available funding.

Of the six grants awarded in February 2021, four of the projects have been completed.  The remaining two projects are nearing completion. The projects include:

  •   The translation, printing and distribution of a basic two-sided leaflet. These leaflets will be translated into ten different languages used in Europe

The leaflets will have information about “Laid Back Breastfeeding” and “Nursing Cues.”

  •   The translation of eight LLL resources into eleven languages for use throughout South Africa

Resources were translated, edited, printed, distributed, and uploaded to the LLL South Africa website. The goal was to decrease the high infant mortality rate throughout Africa/South Africa. Significant increase was noted in website activity and people seeking the help of La Leche League.

  •   The creation of an LLL App for parents in Cuba and Caribe

The backend of the app has been created with work continuing to complete the frontend of the app. The app will allow parents to track various parenting needs.

  •   The creation of a Spanish LLL App to use with and without internet connectivity in Mexico

The app is fully functioning on Android devices with or without internet. The plan is to expand it to include IOS devices. The app provides basic breastfeeding information, ways to contact La Leche League, and connects LLL Leaders with one another.

  •   The creation of posters with basic breastfeeding information and contact information for LLL in Austria, and shared with LLL Germany

An artist/illustrator was commissioned to design graphics for the posters. Three sets of posters were printed in three different sizes. The posters are displayed in healthcare provider offices, childcare centers, and community centers. The posters have also been distributed to all LLL Groups throughout Austria and to LLL Germany.

  •   Outreach to low-income, minimally educated, pregnant and breastfeeding adolescents in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Caribbean, and Latin America.

The “¡Si, yo puedo!” (“Yes, I can!”) Campaign was created. It included the creation of audio and video infomercials. The infomercials are shared through social media networks of LLL moms and allies, organisations, influencers, and radio stations. They are also played on a video board at a major shopping center. Exciting increases were noted in engagement with multiple social media sites and platforms. The audio and video infomercials were shared with a variety of other Spanish speaking La Leche League groups.

These resources were shared through a variety of electronic means. This resulted in increased access and activity on various LLL websites and social media platforms. The creativity and enthusiasm for these projects is inspiring!

La Leche League International is grateful for the countless hours La Leche League Leaders have put into creating these resources. Their work helps to reach many more breastfeeding families throughout the world.

Amy Shaw, on behalf of the LLLI Grant Program Committee