LLL France Conference


11-12 October 2017

Toshi Jolliffe, Heisdorf, Luxembourg

The LLL France Conference was held in Dourdan, France, on 11 and 12 October, 2017. Dourdan is a beautiful historical town south of Paris with a castle built in the 13th century. The conference centre was on top of a hill which was surrounded by trees in autumn colours. The nearly 300 attendees included Leaders, Applicants, mothers and some medical professionals. Babies and toddlers were also part of the conference and they demonstrated what LLL is all about: mothers always with their babies, holding and nursing them whenever and wherever they want.

Sophie Chevalier, Area Coordinator of Leaders (ACL) of LLL France, opened the conference with the annual general meeting at which participants received the activity report for 2016. All the departments explained their achievements. Gaëlle Pouillard, Area Treasurer, and a Leader in Angers, presented the annual financial report for 2016.  The position of the Area Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA) was officially handed over from Agnès Aubry-Chevalley to France Gouy. Many newly accredited Leaders were introduced on the stage and we all welcomed them to the amazing family: LLL France! Some experienced Leaders were recognised and received LLL years of service pins.

There were many concurrent sessions and it was not easy to decide which one to choose. Agnès and France led a session for Leader Applicants to help them prepare for leadership. Leaders were eager to answer the Applicants’ questions and offer helpful suggestions. Many people stayed in the room and kept talking even after the session ended. Interesting exhibitions were also available. Our hearts melted when we saw the photo exhibition. The photos explained that babies are born to be breastfed.  Various breastfeeding-associated goods and books were also displayed in another room.

Many people say that one of the highlights of a conference happens between sessions and during the breaks and meals when people talk to one another. That was also true at this conference. There were lively discussions everywhere and we all renewed our enthusiasm. Some of us promised to meet again at the LLL European Management Symposium in Berlin, Germany, in March 2018.

Toshi Jolliffe lives in Luxembourg with her husband, Michael. They have three grown children, two of whom live with them. Toshi’s house is lively with many young people. Toshi is the LLLI Leader Accreditation Department Director. She also serves on the Leader Today Editorial Review Board.