Karin Gausman Fund

Leader Accreditation Department Council

A fund has been set up in memory of Karin Gausman to express our deep gratitude to her for helping Leader Applicants and LAD representatives worldwide with their education and enrichment opportunities.

Funds will be used to help Leader Applicants with their application and accreditation fees with priority given to Applicants with financial difficulties. LAD representatives with financial difficulties will receive help with attendance at LLL conferences and other LLL-related educational opportunities.
Donations can be sent in one of the following ways:

1. Donations in dollars
Please donate via paypal through the LLL Alliance website. Go to the “Donations” page at lllalliance.org/donations/ and click on the Karin Gausman Fund “Donate” button.

Please make paper checks payable to “LAD West” and write on the memo line of the check “Karin Gausman Fund.” Post these by mail to:
Janna O’Connell
N140 W18100 Cedar Lane
Richfield, WI 53076

2. Donations in euros
Please donate via paypal through the La Leche League Europe PayPal account or through bank transfer:
La Leche League Europe Bank account
IBAN: NL66 INGB 0005 0556 36
Mark your donations “Karin Gausman Fund”

3. Donations to La Leche League International
Please donate via our website
Indicate in the section “Tribute Information”:
First name [Karin], Last name [Gausman],
Type [In Memory of], Description [LAD use]. Donations will go toward LAD expenses.

Donations to the Karin Gausman Fund through  LLL Alliance, LAD West, or LLLI are fully tax-deductible in the USA.
Applications for the fund started in February 2017. For more information please see the frequently asked questions below.

Karin Gausman Fund for Leader Applicants
Frequently Asked Questions

The Karin Gausman Fund (KGF) helps Leader Applicants with financial limitations pay the application fee and/or accreditation fee.  Please submit the KGF application form and the KGF recommendation form to the Area Coordinator of Leader Accreditation (CLA).

Who is eligible?

Candidates for LLL leadership who meet the prerequisites, have financial limitations and have active Leader support. Current Applicants who meet these criteria may also apply.

How much will the Applicant receive if approved for funding?
  • Each recipient will have $50 US reserved in their name. The application fee will be paid directly to the Area.
  • If any funds remain, that amount will be reimbursed to the recipient at the time of accreditation to help offset accreditation fees, resource costs, etc.
Why is there one set amount for each Applicant who is approved to receive funding?

Application and accreditation fees around the world vary greatly. With one set amount, the KGF Coordinator will be able to better determine how many Applicants can be funded.

What is the role of the candidate for leadership or Leader Applicant?
  • Submit a KGF application form to the CLA.
  • Complete the LLL leadership application form and send it to the CLA, if the candidate for funds is not yet a Leader Applicant.
  • Commit to active work on the application and reach accreditation within one year.
What is the role of the supporting Leader?
  • Submit a KGF recommendation form to the CLA.
  • Submit a Leader Recommendation form if the candidate is not yet an Applicant.
  • Commit to active support for the Applicant, assisting in the completion of the application work within one year.
What if the Applicant discontinues her application?

Please notify the CLA immediately.  She will inform the KGF Coordinator.

Karin Gausman Fund for LAD Representatives
Frequently Asked Questions

Please check with your LAD support person about the name and contact information of the Karin Gausman Fund (KGF) Coordinator.

Who is eligible?
  • LAD representatives who want to attend an LLL educational event or administrative meeting.
  • LAD representatives of entities with financial difficulties will receive priority.
What will the LAD representative receive if approved for funding?
  • Amount of funding provided will be based on event fee, need of recipient, availability of other funding options, work that recipient will be doing at the event, etc.
  • Funding can be paid directly to the event registrar or reimbursed to LAD representative.
What is the role of the LAD representative?
  • Submit a KGF LAD representative application form to the Administrator of Leader Accreditation (ALA).
  • Ask your LAD support person to submit a KGF LAD representative recommendation form to the ALA.
  • Lead a session at the event and send the outline to the KGF Coordinator, write a LAD article within three months of the event, etc.
What is the role of the support person of the LAD representative
  • Submit a KGF LAD representative recommendation form to the ALA.
  • Support the LAD representative in planning a session or writing an article.


How does the ALA submit the KGF request?

The ALA sends the KGF Coordinator the following:

  • KGF LAD representative application form.
  • KGF LAD representative recommendation form.
What if the LAD representative is unable to present a session or write an article, or if she cannot attend the event?

Please notify the KGF Coordinator immediately.

If you have other questions, please contact your local Leader Accreditation Department.