January 2021 Leader Today

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Welcome to our January 2021 issue!

In this issue we are pleased to reproduce an article from LLL Great Britain’s website by Eva Williams entitled In Pursuit of Equitable Breastfeeding Support.  Veronica Rohalevich Baroud and Linda Wieser explain more about using the Listening Exercise, an optional activity in a Leader Application. Anna Burbidge shares her experience of running Series Meetings online. Kelly Durbin looks at ways that LLL helps mothers in addition to breastfeeding and Kristin Cavuto shares information on the topic of insufficient glandular tissue.

Thank you and farewell to Fran Dereszynski who has resigned from the Leader Today Review Board and we offer a warm welcome to Anna Burbidge who joins us as Series Meetings Contributing Editor.

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Philippa Pearson-Glaze, Leader Today Managing Editor