April 2022 Leader Today

Welcome to our April 2022 issue!

In this issue we have  an exciting announcement from LLL Colombia about their winning the Order of Women and Democracy “Policarpa Salavarrieta” and Hana Cermakova announces a new LLL presence in the Czech republic. Kelly Durbin discusses lactational amenorrhea and its role in fertility, birth control and breastfeeding and Mary Francell outlines information from Abundant Milk and Rapid Milk Ejection, a presentation by Kay Hoover at the LLLI 65th anniversary conference last year. Anna Burbidge shares a variety of meeting ideas based on using the changing seasons as inspiration for meetings and finally Sarah Quigley and Linda Wieser offer ideas for Discussing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Applicants.

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This is my final issue of Leader Today as Managing Editor. Leader Today was born in 2015 when it replaced Leaven as LLLI’s information journal for Leaders and I hope it has been an interesting and useful resource. I would like to give a very special thank you to the Leader Today Editorial Review Board past and present; Toshi Jolliffe, Fran Dereszynski, Juanita Watt, Mary Lofton, Judith Gibel, and Priscilla Stothers, and to all my regular contributing editors over the past seven years; Mary Francell, Cindy Garrison, Linda Wieser, Annette Green, Rachel Brown Kirkland, Kelly Durbin, and Anna Burbidge.

Philippa Pearson-Glaze, Leader Today Managing Editor


Banner artwork: courtesy Ken Tackett