Alternative Series Meetings Titles

Jayne Joyce, Oxford, United Kingdom

Bored with your meeting titles? Jayne Joyce offers a choice of new ideas for your Series Meetings with various themes from using book titles to using sporting or Shakesperean themes.

Book titles
  • Breastfeeding Made Simple  – everything you need to know to get started
  • The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – what to expect in the early weeks
  • What Mothers Do – adjusting to life with your baby
  • How Weaning Happens – breastfeeding beyond babyhood
  • Off to a Good Start –  Birth and Beyond
  • Got Milk? The Mysteries of Milk Supply
  • The Art of Mothering: Tuning In to Your Baby
  • Ready for Solids? How to Tell and What to Do Next?
Common concerns
  •  “Breastfeed? I Just Gave Birth!” – from bump to breastfeeding
  • “I Can’t Even Take a Shower!” – surviving & thriving with your newborn
  • “He Feels So Left Out!” – renegotiating relationships
  • “She Won’t Eat a Thing!” – your baby’s first solid foods & beyond
  •  “The Milk of Human Kindness” – why breastfeeding matters
  • “To Thine Own Self Be True” – finding your feet as a mother
  • “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow” – when you have to be away from your baby
  • “To Wean, or Not to Wean?” – how breastfeeding changes as your baby grows
  •  “Ready, Get Set, Go” – getting started with breastfeeding
  • “Breastfeeding Is a Team Sport” – finding good support
  • “Leaping the Hurdles” – overcoming common breastfeeding challenges
  • “A Marathon, Not a Sprint” – mothering beyond the early months

Jayne Joyce lives in Oxford, United Kingdom, with her mathematician husband Dominic, three daughters, Tilly (16), Kitty (13) and Daisy (9), and a hamster called Hiccup. She has a background in social work with families, specialising in adoption, has been a Leader since 2003 and now works as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with Oxford Baby Cafes Group. Contact Jayne at