40th Anniversary of the International Code

On the 21 May, La Leche League (LLL) will join with countless other organisations and individuals around the world to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes!

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The International Code was adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1981 as a “minimum requirement” to protect infant health: it is important to know that the International Code protects all babies, however they are fed. We were there when the International Code was born, and since that time LLL Leaders and entities have worked tirelessly to uphold the International Code. Our Leaders are proud to stand in muddy fields selling homemade cakes to raise funds for group venues and online meeting subscriptions rather than take industry money and incentives!


As we look ahead to the 21 May we are thrilled to share the following event and resources.
The Global Breastfeeding Collective (of which we are a member) is hosting an important online event to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the World Health Assembly approval of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. It will be held on the 21 May, 12.00-13.30 UTC.
You can read more and sign up here in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese.

More information:
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More about LLL and the International Code

The International Code helps provide safe and adequate nutrition for infants by protecting and promoting breastfeeding as well as by defending mothers, babies, and families from predatory, unethical marketing practices by industry. La Leche League supports the International Code and the subsequent resolutions, including one that calls on governments to regulate the marketing of foods targeted to older infants and young children. We have been a member of Netcode since 2018, and our International Code and Conflicts of Interest Committee is charged with supporting the La Leche League community to uphold our obligations under the International Code.


You can read more about why we need the International Code and what it covers here.
Read more about our global breastfeeding advocacy work here.
You can also show support by adding our 40th anniversary Facebook frame to your profile! You can find it here.

Our International Code Graphic

Our popular graphic is a quick guide to the #InternationalCode.
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