LLL Today #2

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Welcome to our second edition of LLL Today, from La Leche League International (LLLI).
This new publication from LLLI brings you news about our resources, our advocacy work, our fundraisers, and exciting projects. We shine a light on the amazing work LLL Leaders and LLL entities are doing. LLL Leaders make a difference every day supporting and advocating for breastfeeding across the world. Find out more about the change that different Leaders are making as we celebrate all Leaders’ LLL work.

For this second edition of the new La Leche League International publication, LLL Today, we wanted to address the importance of the support that a breastfeeding mother or nursing parent can receive on a daily basis from a partner, family member, friend or the community without which many breastfeeding relationships are unfortunately compromised. Read more >

Why talk about a village in an age of globally interconnected social networks, in an age when we can see and hear someone who lives in the other hemisphere, and we consume what is produced on the other side of the world? And why settle for a village when we have the world at our fingertips? Read more >

I informally interviewed around 20 mothers in France about what they would like their ideal “breastfeeding village” to be. Despite their different visions of the ideal village, several common points appear and the answers are sometimes surprising. Read more >

Breastfeeding is a lonely experience for many. Look at the representations of breastfeeding in art, at the photos published on social media: most of the time, we see a woman alone breastfeeding her baby and nursing appears to be a private, intimate act which the photographer or artist bursts into. Read more >

La Leche League (LLL) is a mother-to-mother, peer-to-peer breastfeeding support organization. All LLL Leaders are volunteers who have breastfeed a child for a year or more. This experience of breastfeeding into toddlerhood gives Leaders the experience to support others in their breastfeeding journeys. Read more >

We know more and more about the origins of humanity. And one thing is becoming increasingly clear: it is the way we care for our young that has made us human. Read more >

Audrey Vernon is a French actress born in 1978. She also writes shows, including the excellent Billion Dollar Baby. She regularly appears on television, radio and in the press where she writes humorous columns. Audrey is the mother of two children that she breastfed with joy. Read more >