Inclusivity and Outreach Committee SOC

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I support the LLLI vision, mission, purpose, and philosophy. I agree with the commission of this committee as written in the PSR and hereby declare:

  1. I understand and support the following goals of this committee:
  • To make recommendations to the LLLI Board that advocate for the wide range of people with different backgrounds, social status, finance and abilities, by urging that varied resources are offered to accommodate all people that might reach out for breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and human milk feeding support. This includes advocating for the need to accommodate those with additional barriers from within our organization.
  • To develop and promote resources that will help LLL to connect with all types of individuals/communities not previously reached, and to create a space where all who seek us out can feel that they belong, including those who experience more barriers to breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and human milk feeding support, by valuing and protecting their voices.
  • To encourage La Leche League Leaders at all levels to deepen their learning about EDI & RJ principles, remove barriers, and repair relationships, and also to provide a hub for Leaders to share the ways they reach out to underserved communities and opportunities for inclusivity/outreach education.
  1. I recognize the importance of unity. I agree to publicly support this Committee and LLLI Board decisions, Board members and Executive Director and staff in their LLLI roles
  2. I am open to feedback from fellow Committee members and LLLI Board members about my participation in and commitment to this Committee
  3. I am committed to work on my own biases and put them aside in order to play my role as a committee member as efficiently as possible
  4. If I have any concerns about policy, Committee work, or LLLI Board decisions, I will discuss them privately with the committee’s chair/co-chairs
  5. I commit to keeping Committee work confidential to protect the ability of its members to share their ideas and concerns freely in committee discussions. If I want to share something outside this Committee, I will consult the Committee Chair. I will share only general questions, ideas, or topics discussed; I will not reveal who said what in committee discussions.I & O Committee (SoC) Statement of Commitment

Last Updated March 2023