Volunteers are the heart of La Leche League

We applaud Leaders who work directly providing breastfeeding support. Some Leaders, in addition to their local and Area/Affiliate responsibilities, join Board committees, work groups, and task forces, energizing and enhancing the ability of LLLI to reach our common goals. We invite you to consider these additional opportunities to offer your skills.

Email your committee selection(s) to zion@llli.org along with a brief description of your background and your LLL connection. We will maintain a central source for volunteers, keeping names on file for one year and funneling them to committees in which an interest has been indicated. Each Chair determines the size and composition of her committee to ensure a diversity of opinion and global representation. While we can’t guarantee your selection for a committee, we will do our best to match your desires and skills with LLLI needs. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support.

Action Committee

The Action Committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to relevant and appropriate policy, advocacy, and consumer actions that may facilitate the development of policies, programs, and financial support for breastfeeding by both national and international institutions and organizations. This includes the work of the International Code Special Committee (WHO Code Committee).

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee presents to the Board 1) a recommendation of an independent public accountant to be employed for preparation of the audit for the current fiscal year and 2) the auditor’s report and any response to questions regarding contents and procedures used.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters pertaining to the fiscal and/or financial operation of LLLI and works with staff to prepare the budget for each fiscal year. The Committee presents the budget to the Board for approval. The Committee also reviews the financial policies of the organization and develops any further policies deemed necessary.

Global Professional Liaison Network (GPLN)

The Global Professional Liaison Network (GPLN) serves as a resource regarding the ongoing education of Leaders and the provision of up-to-date breastfeeding information in a culturally appropriate manner. The GPLN identifies publications and articles of importance to the breastfeeding community for annotation to the LLL community and reviews LLL publications to verify that the technical content provides accurate and up-to-date data.

Inclusivity and Outreach Committee

The Inclusivity and Outreach Committee advises the Board of Directors and makes recommendations aimed at increasing inclusivity and outreach throughout La Leche League so that all the functions of the organization may be effectively and efficiently carried out in conformity with established policies and procedures of LLLI. The Committee will serve as a hub for the sharing of information (on the part of Leaders with the Board and on the part of the Board with Leaders) regarding underserved communities, possible methods of outreach and opportunities for inclusivity/outreach education.

International Code Special Committee (WHO Code Committee)

Under the auspices of the Action Committee, the International Code Special Committee reviews all LLLI policies related to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolutions (Code); reviews policies relevant to conflicts of interest (COI); evaluates potential LLLI relationships with entities and individuals that could be in conflict with the Code or COI; and makes recommendations to the Board. In particular, the committee is seeking knowledgeable participants from outside the US and Great Britain in order to broaden the information and perspectives pertaining to the Code in different countries.

Program Services Committee

The Program Services Committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to the delivery of LLLI volunteer programs and services. Current projects are:

  • working on educational and inspirational webinars for Leaders, Applicants, and others.
  • revitalizing the Peer Counselor Program (PCP) and developing a method to allow people who receive training through the PCP to move into La Leche League leadership when possible
  • working on an update to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
  • working with Zion Tankard, ED, to evaluate currently existing programs and services
  • and to develop new objectives for the coming year and beyond (long-term planning)
Resource Development Committee

The Resource Development Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to donations and grants. The Committee also coordinates Board participation in fundraising for LLLI. The Committee liaises with the LLLI Development Director, consults/discusses fundraising activities, and assists in building LLLI relationships with donors.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee fosters and facilitates LLLI community-building among Leaders, the Board, and staff through an interactive venue for discussion, information, and education regarding all aspects of LLLI; drafts guidelines for “code of conduct” in LLLI social media; acts as moderators in ongoing discussions; and monitors posts to assure that discussions are within the frame of the guidelines and no inappropriate or offensive posts remain published.


As a global organization, LLLI seeks to present its information in as many languages as possible and is always in need of translators for web content, webinars, and publications.

Website Committee

The Website Committee enhances communication and awareness by providing the public and Leaders access to timely, accurate, and useful online information about breastfeeding, mother-to-mother support, and Leader accreditation.  Committee members advocate for the web needs of the LLL community and serve as advisors to the LLLI staff to make the most effective use of the website, focusing on user satisfaction. The committee provides recommendations on the content, format, and development of the LLLI website, and establishes procedures that set high standards for site quality and content integrity.