Dear Readers… When a Wish Comes True

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Dear Readers,

It seems only yesterday that I was waiting to start this amazing new adventure with Breastfeeding Today, and yet here I am introducing our second issue. Time can really fly when you dedicate yourself to something you are passionate about.

I feel so thankful to have received this opportunity to share with you all the stories and experiences of families near and far. And I feel even more grateful to be able to do so together with a wonderful colleague, Managing Editor Karen Williamson, who although on the other side of the world, has become not only a work companion but a dear friend of mine.

In our sometimes “crazy” days, we cannot forget the important support we receive from our Editorial Review Board. Carolyn, RuthAnna, Alyssa, Lois, Eva Gisella, Helen, Anna Teresa, and Marcella: thank you for all the time and effort you devote to Breastfeeding Today; your contributions are invaluable.

A little peek into my life

Here in Italy, autumn is making its way, the days are cooler, and in the air you can smell the sour scent of the ground made wet by the rain. It’s my favorite time of year! And you can also smell roasted chestnuts. What more could you ask for?

Oh yes, maybe a nice cup of tea or coffee, while reading the articles we have prepared for this issue!

Years ago I had absolutely no idea that my life would take a great turn thanks to La Leche League (LLL). The arrival of my three girls changed me, overwhelmed me and even revolutionized me, but LLL has become my safe haven on which to rely, my second family. Breastfeeding Today became my first window into the international world of LLL, and it has literally fascinated me. This has also inspired my desire to become more involved in the international LLL community.

Celebrating together

As our last issue, this one is also dedicated to important celebrations. First of all, International Volunteer Day, celebrated on December 5, which happens to be the same day as the birthday of one of the Founders of La Leche League, Marian Tompson. Our Managing Editor Karen has conducted a special and original interview with Marian, in which you will not only discover more about the early years of LLL, but also some very nice anecdotes about her fascinating life.

The legacy that Marian and the other LLL Founders have left us all is priceless, and tangible through each La Leche League Leader who continues that legacy. One way to see what each Leader brings to the community is through the stories that families share with us in Breastfeeding Today—like the three wonderful mothers from Guatemala who tell us about their experiences. They show us that ups and downs are part of every parent’s life.

World Breastfeeding Week celebrations continued across the globe the first week of October with more events in Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium and France, followed by even more events in November in Greece. Thank you so much to all the La Leche League Leaders and volunteers engaged in making this week a very special one!

Last but not least, a very special and important day occurs on November 17World Prematurity Day. We all know the first few days with a baby can be hard, but sometimes unexpectedly difficult challenges await parents of a premature child. Unconditional support and correct information can make a big difference when a child is born before time, so that he and his family can receive the necessary care to thrive. Contributor Rebeca Torres, from Jalisco, Mexico, shares with us her personal tale of overcoming breastfeeding challenges with determination and joy. Be sure to also check out our “Did You Know? Three Surprising Facts About Premature Birth” article containing global facts and figures on premature births—many will surprise you!

In closing, I want to thank once again my “traveling” companion, Karen, the whole Editorial Review Board (see below), and the LLLI art and advertising team for making our magazine come alive each issue.

Enjoy your reading!

Valentina Attanasio
Associate Editor


Breastfeeding Today Editorial Review Board
  • Carolyn Driver-Burgess, LLLI Board member, LLL Leader from New Zealand
  • RuthAnna Mather, LLL Leader from Japan
  • Alyssa Schnell, Missouri, USA, retired LLL Leader
  • Lois Rowlands, LLL Leader from Great Britain
  • Eva Gisella Natali Williams, LLL Leader from Great Britain
  • Helen Lloyd, LLL Leader from Great Britain
  • Anna Teresa Restuccia, LLL Leader from Italy, currently in Massachusetts, USA
  • Marcella Bonanno, LLL Leader from Italy