Breastfeeding Today Editor

Managing Editor – Valentina Attanasio

Valentina Attanasio has been a La Leche League Leader since 2013, serving families halfway between Bergamo and Milan, Italy. She is currently the Co-Administrator for the European Area Network, and she is also part of the Italian Leader Accreditation Department as an A/CLA (Associate Coordinator of Leader Accreditation). Previously, she served as the International Liaison for La Leche League Italy for five years.

Her first introduction to La Leche League (LLL) was love at first sight. A Leader helped her nurse her first baby in such a sensitive and gentle way that she could never forget. Since then she has wished to give back, but has realized that you always receive more blessings in return than what you give.

With a degree in Public Relations and experience in communications and LLL publications, she hopes to help Breastfeeding Today flourish with a new look, a more international perspective, and inspirational stories from each corner of the globe.

Valentina lives near Milan with her husband and their three daughters, who fill their home with immense joy and challenges. Writing and the English language have always been her great passions, so much so that her family uses English as a second language. And the littlest one has been raised bilingual.

“I feel so honored to have been chosen to continue in this job as the new Managing Editor and I can’t wait to let you all know what is boiling in the pot for the upcoming issues! It’s my hope that Breastfeeding Today will always be a channel for spreading useful information and bringing together families from all over the world, willing to share their experiences through its pages.”