Structure of LLL

Executive Director

La Leche League International’s day to day operations are managed by IMI Association Executives, and our Executive Director is Zion Tankard. You can contact her at

Board of Directors

LLL is governed by a Board of Directors, whose members are elected by Leaders. You can find out more about them here.

The Board’s work is supported by a series of committees, task forces and work groups which are listed here.

Direct Connect Entities

LLL is made up of 8 Direct Connect Entities (DCEs), each of which serves as the leadership body for its Leaders to connect with LLLI

LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education

Based within the United States, La Leche League Alliance for Breastfeeding Education currently includes 19 Areas and has 1,181 Leaders who offer breastfeeding support through in-person LLL Group meetings and online facebook groups.  The Alliance for Breastfeeding Education is pleased to offer breastfeeding information and support to mothers as well as resources and departmental materials for La Leche League Leaders and Area Administrators.

For more information please visit:

La Leche League Canada (LLLC) is a registered Canadian charity that provides mother-to-mother/parent-to-parent breastfeeding support. Leaders are parents who have breastfed or chestfed their own children and now volunteer to support others to reach their goals. Connection and respect are at the heart of what we do and we strive to ensure that all families are welcomed and reflected in every aspect of LLLC, including in our volunteer Leaders who offer support in more than 20 languages. We believe that nobody knows a baby better than their own parents and that everyone deserves a circle of support in which to raise their children.
With over 400 Leaders and more than 160 groups in communities across the country, LLLC Leaders have been serving Canadian parents for almost 60 years. In addition to direct support to families, LLLC Leaders also provide resources and education to health care providers and community helpers through free resources, professional seminars and participation in advisory groups.In person, by phone, online, and in informal group meetings, our volunteer Leaders will be there to support parents by providing evidence-based information on breastfeeding and human milk. Leaders live and parent in the communities they serve and tailor programs to the needs of each community. There is no cost to receive support from a Leader and all regular informal group meetings are free of charge. It is LLLC’s privilege to support families during the exciting first days, weeks, months and even years of raising children. Want to learn more?Visit us today at

European area Network

The European Area Network (EAN) currently includes 15 in-country Areas across mainly-western Europe including one Future Area which covers countries from Portugal in the west to Russia in the east and Norway in the north to Turkey in the south. LLL Meetings and mother-to-mother support are offered in more than 25 languages.

Because almost every Area speaks a different language, most projects are internal – each having, for example, its own publications (original or in translation) for mothers, Leaders, Applicants and, in some cases, health care providers.

The European Council brings together all member entities for interests and projects that we have in common, and European Staff provide a support network.

Lll Great britain
La Leche League Great Britain (LLLGB) offers friendly mother-to-mother support for all and is proud to support every nursing family under the rainbow. LLLGB operates in England, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

 In 2016-2017, 12,900 mums, pregnant women, partners and visitors attended our face-to-face meetings facilitated by 234 LLLGB breastfeeding counsellors. Health professionals and student health professionals may attend our meetings by arrangement.

In 2016-2017, 620 mums received up to date information and answers to their individual questions on breastfeeding via online helpforms. LLLGB Leaders spent more than 36,225 minutes speaking directly with mothers on the telephone who rang the 7 day per week LLLGB Helpline.

We also offer online support via Facebook, extensive printed resources, and free online resources on the LLLGB website.  Our website averages 18000 visits per week; our Facebook page has over 18000 followers, Twitter, 5500, and we are now on Instagram. Information sheets on 53 topics are sold in the LLLGB shop and our publication Breastfeeding Matters has subscribers across the UK, as well as France, Ireland, Japan, Australia and the USA.
LLLGB Leaders offer Beginning Breastfeeding courses and Communication Skills Development courses.

Read About Us at
Visit our website at
Find one of our 70 Local LLL Groups here:
Email us at 


The International Area Network (IAN) is a rapidly growing and expanding Direct Connect Entity of LLLI comprised of 10 Areas (support networks), which includes 47 countries across Latin America, the Africa continent, Israel, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.  There are over 660 LLL Leaders and 360 local LLL Groups with meetings and mother-to-mother breastfeeding support offered in more than 15 languages.  

You can find out more about where there is an LLL presence in the IAN and how to find local LLL support here.

Publications (original and translations) whether in print and digital format or posted online as articles and blogs are an important means of providing information and support for mothers, families, Leader Applicants, Leaders, and at times healthcare providers, in their own language.  Currently, there are publications being done in Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Xhosa.

For general inquiries about the IAN, please contact the International Area Network.

ligue la leche

Les monitrices de la Ligue La Leche ont allaité leur enfant au moins un an. Elles ont suivi une formation extensive portant sur le cours normal de l’allaitement et les défis que l’on peut rencontrer pendant cette période de la vie. Elles offrent du soutien en français par téléphone, par courriel, via la page Facebook de la Ligue et celles des divers groupes LLL locaux. Elles animent aussi des rencontres de partage et de soutien dans différentes villes du Québec, de l’Ontario et du Nouveau-Brunswick au Canada. Les femmes enceintes, celles qui allaitent, les enfants ayant besoin de la présence de leur mère, les conjoints et toute personne qui soutient une dyade mère-bébé sont bienvenus aux rencontres de la Ligue.

Les monitrices peuvent répondre à de nombreuses questions : démarrage de l’allaitement, introduction des aliments complémentaires, allaitement du jeune bébé et du grand bambin, sommeil, etc. Elles peuvent vous soutenir lorsque vous désirez sevrer, ou si vous retournez aux études ou sur le marché du travail. Peu importe la durée de votre allaitement, elles sont là pour vous guider et faire en sorte que cette période de votre vie soit agréable et que vous puissiez en profiter au maximum.


Located deep in the South Pacific La Leche League New Zealand is the only national organisation specialising in mother to mother breastfeeding support. With 127 Leaders and 37 groups spread from Kerikeri in the north to Invercargill in the south we are active in most regions of New Zealand.

If you need breastfeeding help we are just an email away
Or check out our active Facebook page
Our monthly online meetings, held on the last Tuesday evening of each month are a popular way to learn about and get support with breastfeeding
You can find out more about La Leche League New Zealand by visiting our website
For general enquiries please contact

LLL usa

Around 1,482 Leaders volunteer in La Leche League USA (LLL USA) with local LLL Groups. In addition to hosting monthly in-person meetings and providing support via phone and email, many local Groups use social media to reach families. Many LLL USA Leaders are also active in their local and state breastfeeding coalitions. New Beginnings, the weekly blog for parents published by LLL USA, is free and accessible to anyone who visits the website ( You can join the more than 10,000 subscribers who receive a direct link to New Beginnings in their inboxes every TuesdayThe LLL USA signature event Live Love Latch!® takes place in August to align with National Breastfeeding Month. For information about Live Love Latch!®, check out the website

Other useful LLL USA links: