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“As LLL Leaders we cannot always fix the world, but through La Leche League we can sometimes make a world of difference to the lives of breastfeeding families.”

Mary Bird & Tania Ruseva, LLL Future Areas in Europe

LLL Today Managing Editor – Daliborka Milovanovic

Daliborka Milovanovic (Dali) has been a La Leche League Leader since 2007. She facilitates meetings south of Paris, France. She is the mother of four boys, born between 2000 and 2013, who were all breastfed.
After studying philosophy and mathematics, she worked as a school counselor. When her first child was born, she became passionate about everything related to breastfeeding, mothering, childcare and childrearing, especially through literature. It was to translate James Akré’s book, The Problem with Breastfeeding, that she created a publishing house, Le Hêtre Myriadis, in 2009. Thanks to this publishing house, she has been able to make many books on breastfeeding and attachment parenting available to the French readership.
But Dali loves writing as much as she loves reading. Thus, in 2012, she joined the team of editors of the parenting magazine Grandir autrement, of which she became the director of publication, and for which she wrote many articles until 2018.
She also joined the publications department of La Leche League France for a time.
“I am thrilled today to be able to combine my passion for writing, for breastfeeding, for women and for babies, as well as my experience in the publishing world, to make LLL Today a resource and support for families and LLL Leaders around the world. I hope to help bring a diversity of culture and experience to this new publication.”

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