Translations Committee

The LLLI Translations Committee is a Standing Committee of the LLLI Board of Directors, authorized by Article VI, Section 1 of the Bylaws. The LLLI Translations Committee adheres to the LLL Translations policy.


The LLLI Translations Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International for:

  • advising it about matters related to translation within LLLI
  • supporting global participation in LLLI by finding ways for speakers of languages other than English to participate on the LLLI Board, LLLI Committees, LAD Council, and other international teams
  • facilitating translations of LLLI publications, resources, web materials, and the LLL Policies and Standing Rules (PSR) into those languages designated by the LLLI Board of Directors for regular use by LLLI.

The membership of the LLLI Translations Committee is made up of the Coordinators of the Translation teams and other interested persons. The membership may include LLLI Board members, Leaders, and/or supporters of La Leche League from outside the organization.

LLLI Translations Committee members are comfortable working in English and have a good understanding of the issues involved in translation. A majority of the committee members are La Leche League Leaders, and, preferably, a majority of the committee members are fluent in one or more of the languages into which LLLI translates its publications. The LLLI Translations Committee may have co-Chairs and/or Document Managers to manage the volume of work.

LLLI translation work is assigned to the Committee by the LLLI Board Chair(s) with approval of the LLLI Board of Directors.


The LLLI Translations Committee

  • meets as needed throughout the year.
  • advises the LLLI Board on translation issues.
  • maintains and regularly evaluates a procedure for high quality translation
  • supports the LLLI Board to publish LLLI documents in a timely way and in all of the LLLI Board-designated languages.
  • creates and supervises a subcommittee (”Translation Team”) for each language designated by the LLLI Board of Directors for regular use by LLLI. Each Translation Team is made up of
    • a coordinator who also serves as a member of the LLLI Translations Committee.
    • at least three translators who are native speakers of or have near native fluency in the target language, at least two of whom are La Leche League Leaders. The Coordinator may also serve as one of the translators.
  • participates in Style Guide Teams to develop style guides for each target language used in LLLI, and, as requested, supports the Publications Coordinating Committee to update existing style guides for the target languages.
  • works with other LLLI volunteers and staff to develop, implement, and annually evaluate a plan that enables participation in LLLI committees, task forces, and teams by speakers of languages other than English.
  • cooperates and coordinates, as relevant, with DCEs and Areas that have active publication/translation efforts.
  • (March 2023)