Publications Coordinating Committee


The Publications Coordinating Committee is a Standing Committee authorized by Article VII Section 2 of the Bylaws and is herein commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International for

  • Facilitating
    • collaboration among LLLI publication teams
    • consistency across publication teams in LLL Philosophy and in application of publications policies and style
    • adherence to LLL Policies and Standing Rules
  • Advising the Board about LLLI publications and recommending publications policies to the Board
  • Carrying out other specific assignments as assigned by the Chair/co-Chairs of the Board
  • Encouraging communication and collaboration between LLLI publication teams and other LLL publication teams.

The Publications Coordinating Committee will be made up of a representative from every team or committee that produces LLLI Publications, including

  • the Chair/co-Chairs of the Social Media and Website Committee
  • the Chair/co-Chairs of the Translation Committee
  • the coordinator(s) of the Global Professional Liaison Network (GPLN)
  • the Chair of the LLLI Editorial Review Board (ERB)
  • the editor(s) of any LLLI publications, LAD Council publications, LLL Today: From La Leche League International, and LLLI News
  • a member of the donor news team
  • a member of the webinar team
  • liaisons will be appointed from the
    • International Code and Conflicts Committee
    • Inclusivity and Outreach Committee

The Chair/co-Chairs of the LLLI Board may also appoint to the Publications Coordinating Committee representatives of any committee or task force whose work they determine to be relevant to the work of the Publications Coordinating Committee.

Term of membership

The term of Publications Coordinating Committee members will be parallel to their term in the publication function which they represent.  Service on the Publications Coordinating Committee is not considered as an additional LLLI Board committee role.


The Publications Coordinating Committee

  • coordinates publication priorities quarterly
  • develops procedures for timely review of all LLLI publications that ensure consistency and adherence to policies, including the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes
  • determines procedures and criteria for reviewing LLLI Publications for medical quality and accuracy, in consultation with the Medical Advisory Team (MAT)
  • updates the LLLI Style Guide for all languages in which LLLI publications are published and reviews them annually, coordinating with the Translations Committee regarding style guides for languages other than English
  • facilitates cooperation and coordination with DCEs and Areas that have active publication/translation efforts
  • reviews publications annually to assess their effectiveness
  • reviews the committee’s membership annually to be sure that it reflects current LLLI publication needs
  • consults with the International Code and Conflicts Committee, when needed, via their liaison in this committee
  • consults with the Inclusivity and Outreach Committee, when needed, via their liaison in this committee.

(March 2023)