Resource Development Committee


The Resource Development Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to donations, donor relations, business partnerships, grant proposal writing, and non- donation revenue. The Committee also coordinates Board participation in fundraising for LLLI and assists in building LLLI relationships with donors. The Committee liaises with the LLLI Development Director and staff, discussing and bringing to the Board for approval all ideas for revenue growth.

Description of commissions

  • Donor Relations–coordinate with the Development Director all Board efforts to steward current donors and attract new donors.
  • Grant Proposal Writing—work with the Development Director to identify funding needs, devise project descriptions and evaluation methods, bring ideas for proposals to the Board for approval, and review drafts of proposals.
  • Business Partnerships—support the Development Director in discovering and developing contracts with potential business partners. Coordinate with the Code Committee to research and ensure that all partners are Code compliant and their products and procedures compatible with LLL Philosophy.
  • Non-donation revenue—generate and explore with the Development Director ideas for non-donation revenue, and bring viable projects to the Board for approval.

This Committee shall:

  • create and supervise subcommittees as required, with the approval of Chair/co-Chairs of the Board;
  • meet as needed throughout the year;
  • prepare and submit an annual budget request for the Committee;
  • initiate, evaluate, and update annually the Resource Development five-year plan;

(Feb 1989; rev Oct 1989, Oct 2000, Sep 2014, Mar 2019, Mar 2020)