Nomination to the Board Guidelines

  1. The Nominating Committee of the Board will have a close working relationship with the Board Election Committee of each DCE so as to nominate appropriate Board candidates and conduct annual elections to the LLLI Board with respect, uniformity, and commitment to the organizational mission. (The DCE Board Election Committee is described in detail in Bylaws Article VIII Election.)
  2. The Nominating Committee of the Board shall prepare a report to be reviewed by the Board and shared with the DCEs at least five months prior to the election. The report shall include: Board members with concluding terms, Board seats available by DCE, and skill sets sought for potential nominees. This report will be reviewed and reported by the Board no later than five months prior to the election and promptly shared with DCEs. See current election timeline for dates.
  3. The number of overall Board seats available shall be determined by the formula described in the Board Representation section of the PSR.
  4. The Nominating Committee of the Board will work with the DCE Board Election Committees to create a “Candidate Information Packet” for review that includes but is not limited to a request for:
    • Candidate biographical profile, which includes disclosure of any real or perceived conflicts with the WHO Code or LLLI Conflict of Interest policy
    • Candidate questionnaire
    • 2 or more letters in support of the nomination
  5. Any candidate who wishes to serve on the LLLI Board will be required to complete the Candidate Information Packet by the stated deadline. Any potential nominee who does not return the Candidate Information Packet by the deadline will be excluded from further consideration unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  6. A Leader nominated for the Board must be in good standing at the time of nomination, which will be determined by checking with the Leader’s primary Area as a source of this information. Retired Leaders, who are seeking a Board position, must have been in good standing in their primary Area when they were active Leaders. The same checks should be performed. Feedback about non-Leaders who may be interested in a Board position may also be solicited from the Area/Area Network in which they may have a relationship. A negative comment by an Area or Area Network administrator will not automatically eliminate a potential nominee, although it will be carefully considered by the Nominating Committee. BOD members who during their term remain Leaders must remain in good standing throughout the term of office or can face removal from the seat.
  7. All members of the Nominating Committee of the Board and DCE Board Election Committee will review all candidates who complete the Candidate Information Packet by deadline, utilizing a mutually agreed-upon candidate assessment tool and decision process. These assessment and decision processes need to occur so that all Board candidates are announced preferably 45 days, but absolutely no later than 30 days, prior to the scheduled election. Every effort will be made to find 2 or more candidates.
  8. A final nominations report will be issued no later than 30 days by the DCE Board Election Committee prior to the annual election to the entity’s Leaders. The report should include only candidates who have been jointly approved by the Board Nominating Committee and DCE Board Election Committees. Candidate names shall be accompanied at minimum by a statement of qualifications.
  9. Uncontested seat(s) are put to a vote by entity’s Leaders, so to give them a chance to support or not the uncontested candidate.

Only candidates approved through the nomination process set out in this policy shall be eligible for election.

(May 89, rev Mar 15, Dec 17, Jan 18, Mar 19)