LLLI Document Retention

Purpose: This Document Retention Policy La Leche League International (LLLI) identifies the record retention responsibilities for maintaining and documenting the storage and destruction of the association’s documents and records.

1. Rules. LLLI is required to honor these rules: (a) paper or electronic documents indicated under the terms for retention below will be transferred and maintained by the association management offices; (b) all other paper documents will be destroyed after three years; (c) all other electronic documents will be deleted from all individual computers, data bases, networks, and back-up storage after one year; and (d) no paper or electronic documents will be destroyed or deleted if pertinent to any ongoing or anticipated government investigation or proceeding or private litigation.

2. Terms of retention.

Document Retention Period
Board of Directors Minutes Permanently
Other Minutes (such as committees) 4 years
Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation (including previous versions) Permanently
Professional Standards/Code of Ethics Permanently
Constituent or Donor Files 4 years after expiration
Event/Program Files
Class handouts 4 years
Registration forms 4 years
Class evaluations 4 years
Registration list Permanently
Advertising Forms/Renewal Forms 4 years
Event/Planning records 4 years
Sponsorship List 4 years
Promotional Literature 4 years
Contracts 4 years
sheets Permanently
Final P & L Summary Permanently
Annual Sponsorship Program Files
Sponsor list with benefits provided 4 years
Annual Program Benefits 4 years
Award History (recipient list) Permanently
Applications 4 years
Insurance Policies (current)
Insurance Policies (expired) 4 years
Insurance records, accident reports, claims, etc Permanently
Client Contracts (expired)
General 4 years
Legal and important matters only Permanently
Routine with customers and/or vendors 4 years
Financial Records
IRS Determination Letter Permanently
Bank Reconciliations 4 years
Tax Returns Permanently
Duplicate deposit slips 4 years
Checks (cancelled) 7 years
Audit reports Permanently
Checkbooks Permanently
Internal reports (miscellaneous) 4 years
Payroll records and summaries 7 years
Chart of Accounts Permanently
AP/AR Records (deposit records, AP) 7 years
Financial Statements
Annual Financial Statements Permanently
Investment Statements Permanently
End of Year Statements Permanently
Newsletters/Printed Literature (up to 5 samples) 4 years
Photographs Permanently
Garnishments 7 years
Trademark registrations and copyrights Permanently
Accreditation and/or certification files Permanently

3. Exceptions. Exceptions to these rules and terms for retention may be granted only by the association’s Board of Directors.

(October 2019)