LLLI Cost Sharing

LLL entities, currently European Area Network (EAN), International Area Network (IAN), Ligue La Leche, LLL Alliance, LLL Canada, LLL Great Britain, LLL New Zealand, and LLL USA, make an agreed upon annual contribution to LLLI to help cover costs.

This amount is based upon two criteria:

  • The number of Leaders in the LLLI database with a primary connection to an Area within each of these entities as of October 31 of the previous calendar year
  • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of the individual countries where Leaders reside (Source: World Bank)

To facilitate budgeting, by September 30, LLLI provides each Area with a worksheet of their Leader data as of September 30, and the DCEs verify that data by October 31.

By December 1, the LLLI Executive Director, the LLLI Board Finance Committee, and the DCE administrators use these estimated numbers to review the cost-sharing formula to be applied during the upcoming fiscal year.

By the end of December each year, the Executive Director shares with the entities the result of the calculation for the upcoming fiscal year.

The DCEs ensure that a final update is performed of their Leader data as of January 31. LLLI provides Areas with a worksheet by January 10 to facilitate this update.

LLLI then sends invoices for cost sharing to the DCEs for their annual contributions in four equal installments at the beginning of April, July, October, and January each fiscal year.

After LLLI and the entities agree upon the amount, it is the responsibility of each entity to ensure that the full amount is paid.

(Apr 16, Oct 20)