LLLI Board Operations Committee

  1. Commission

The LLLI Board Operations Committee is a Standing Committee authorized by Article VI Section 1 of the Bylaws and is commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International to

  1. support the LLLI Board to work consistently with the LLLI Bylaws, the LLL Mission, Philosophy, Policies and Standing Rules, and the LLLI Declarations of Support
  2. review policies related to LLLI Board elections and the LLLI Board seat allocation method as requested by the LLLI Board, one or more of the Direct Connect Entities (DCE), or any of the DCE Board Election Committees (BECs). (See Board Representation)
  3. initiate and oversee the annual LLLI Board Elections for DCE representatives
  4. facilitate the Board Officer elections
  5. assess the relevance and efficiency of the LLLI Board’s processes and committees
  6. facilitate an annual self-evaluation of LLLI Board members
  7. initiate and facilitate regular strategic planning and monitor the progress of the LLLI Strategic Plan
  8. organize ongoing training and development of LLLI Board members and staff in collaboration with the Executive Director
  9. upon direction from the LLLI Board Chair(s), organize, coordinate, and execute any other activities assigned
  1. Membership

The committee is complised of five LLLI Board members, including the Vice Chair and at least three other Board members who are not eligible for re-election in the subsequent election year.  The LLLI Board Vice Chair serves ex officio as chair of the committee.

Members who are eligible for re-election recuse themselves from any election tasks.

  1. Duties
    1. General
      1. complies with the LLLI Board Committee General Guidelines policy
    2. Elections
      1. calculates the allocation of LLLI Board seats for the year, using the allocation method described in the LLLI Board Representation policy
      2. notifies the BECs of the LLLI Board seats due for election, the timeframe for the elections, and the policies relevant for election
      3. assists the BECs to verify that candidates meet the criteria for membership of the LLLI Board as set out in the Candidate Checklist of Essential Criteria
      4. informs the LLLI Board about the progress of the election
      5. sets and sends reminders about deadlines
      6. upon request of the BECs, provides support and advice regarding their work. (See Board Elections, and Board Vacancy)
      7. informs the LLLI Finance Committee about funds needed for translations of election materials
      8. puts forward recommendations from the DCE BECs for revisions of policy or bylaws related to LLLI Board elections, or recommended revisions of The Board Election Member Process
      9. shares with continuing and incoming LLLI Board members a list of those Board members eligible for the various officer positions on the LLLI Board and records the names of those willing to serve as a Board officer
      10. creates the LLLI Board officers slate for elections at the Annual Session
    3. Board Operations)
      1. in cooperation with the Executive Director (ED) and the LLLI Board Chair(s), plans orientation sessions for new LLLI Board members
      2. in cooperation with the ED and the LLLI Board Chair(s), coordinates regular training sessions, including not-for-profit Board best practices and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Restorative Justice (EDIRJ) training for the LLLI Board, LLLI staff, and/or LLLI committee members, as appropriate
      3. maintains the conflict-of-interest record for all voting LLLI Board meetings
      4. regularly consults DCE Councils/Boards regarding LLLI Board performance and makes recommendations to the LLLI Board for improving its processes and committees
      5. plans and executes an annual self-reflection exercise for LLLI Board members, shares the resulting documents with the LLLI Board Chair(s), and archives them in compliance with the LLLI Document Retention policy
    4. Strategic planning)
      1. ensures that LLLI has an up-to-date Strategic Plan based upon the LLL Mission Statement; initiates and facilitates the Board’s writing of new strategic plans and strategic planning goals
      2. schedules and monitors regular evaluation and revision of the Strategic Plan by the LLLI Board of Directors, with involvement from the ED and LLLI staff. Alignment with the LLL Mission Statement is the key indicator of the evaluation and is the basis of any revision
      3. prepares a written evaluation of the Strategic Plan to be presented annually to the LLLI Board
      4. regularly updates the LLLI Board, the LLLI staff, and the public on the progress and status of the LLLI Strategic Plan

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