LLLI Board Member Statement of Commitment

  1. I agree to represent LLL as an LLLI Board member. I continue to support the LLL vision, mission, purpose, and philosophy. I have read and will abide by the LLLI Bylaws and by the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules.
  2. I will respect and uphold the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and relevant WHA resolutions and ensure that LLLI meets its obligations under the International Code in its programs, fundraising, and all associated organizational activities. I will participate in Code training within each term that I serve on the Board, whenever it is financially and technically possible to do so. I will personally follow the World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions in all aspects of my work within LLL and outside of LLL.
  3. I have reviewed and will comply with the LLLI Conflict of Interest policy (see below), the Board Participation in Social Media Policy (see below)and the LLLI Inclusivity Statement as defined by the Board (see below)
  4. I will contribute financially to the work of LLLI during the year and will participate in maintaining and improving the financial health of the organization.
  5. I will act in the interest of LLL by bringing the perspective of my DCE to the Board while maintaining a global strategic view without prejudice or judgment. In cases of conflicting perspectives, my actions will always prioritize the interest of LLL rather than the interests of my DCE or LLLI itself.
  6. I commit to keeping confidential the LLLI Board and committee work that is designated as confidential until the Board or the relevant committee chair agrees that it is appropriate for disclosure, including documents under revision and email received and responses to the email unless such email has been publicly shared by the original sender. Personal votes at Board meetings are also considered to be confidential.
  7. Recognizing the importance of board unity, I agree to accept and follow LLLI Board decisions.
  8. I will not denigrate or publicly criticize members of the Board and/ or executive management. I will express any concerns about staff or a fellow Board member first privately to the Board or staff member in question, and then if the issue is not adequately addressed, to either the Executive Director or to the Chair of the Board. I will share my concerns with the entire Board only if the ED or Chair recommends that I do so or if I do not feel that the ED and Chair have adequately addressed the issue.
  9. I am open to feedback from LLLI Board colleagues about my participation and commitment.
  10. I understand that LLLI Board membership requires participation in bi-monthly Board conference calls lasting one to two hours, regular committee conference calls, and attendance at in-person Board meetings twice a year lasting two or three days each (not including travel time). I commit to attending all meetings unless I give notice of the need to be absent for good cause
  11. I will be an active member of the Board, participating regularly, collaboratively, and respectfully with fellow Board members, Leaders, Staff, and other LLL volunteers to determine and accomplish organizational goals, working towards consensus and encouraging healthy communication.
  12. I will serve on a minimum of one committee, chair a standing or special committee, if required, and participate in Board orientation and continuing education. I will work between Board sessions to prepare for full participation in all required meetings and to provide requested materials for discussion in a timely manner. I will be prepared to maintain records and files of Board minutes and committee activities.
  13. I understand that most work done as an LLLI Board member will be done electronically.
  14. If anything should occur during the year that would prevent me from positively contributing to the LLLI Board or fully supporting Board decisions, I will talk to the Executive Director and the Chair of the Board about my circumstances and explore options to serve the best interests of LLLI.

(July 03, Nov 12, Apr 17, March 20)