LLL Online Spaces


The purpose of this policy is to protect the reputation and image of LLL and to promote global cohesion and accountability. All Leaders are responsible for protecting the reputation and image carried by the names and logos of LLLI and each of its entities.

This policy applies

  • to any online spaces, public or internal, using LLLI, La Leche League International, LLL, or La Leche League in the name, LLL names in other languages, or any variation of the LLLI logo
  • to any online spaces, public or internal, that are intended exclusively for use by LLL Leaders, Applicants, or supporters, or where the purpose of the space is to discuss LLL Leader work.
Definition of an Online Space

An online space is any website or internet-based platform that posts content, allows users to create or share content, or provides social networking.

Definition of ‘Public Space’

A public space is any online space which individuals who are not Leaders can access.

Definition of ‘Internal LLL spaces’

An internal LLL space is any online space used exclusively by Leaders (and Leader Applicants where relevant) for LLL work.

These spaces are henceforth referred to in this policy as “LLLI and LLL online spaces.” This policy does not supplant any possible legal requirements in a given country or the Terms of Use of the online platform being used.

Please see the Social Media Policy for Leaders for guidelines regarding individual Leader interactions in social media.


Every LLLI or LLL online space has an agreed connection, through the Leader administrators/moderators of the online space,  to a specific Area, Area Network, Direct Connect Entity (DCE), or LLLI for support and accountability purposes.

Online spaces operating as part of an LLL entity or using the logo or name (“Combined Marks”) of an entity are accountable, through their administrators/moderators,  to that entity and are subject to the requirements of the entity’s agreement for its online spaces.

If online spaces are not operating as part of an LLL entity or using the logo or name of an entity, then their administrators/moderators choose an LLL entity to connect to.

  • No entity is obliged to agree to a connection with an online space not already accountable to it.
  • If an online space cannot find an entity connection, the administrators/moderators of the space deactivate the space, or stop using the LLL trademarks and Combined Marks (entity name and logo) and tell all the members of the space that the space is no longer affiliated with LLL.

If online spaces do not have a connection to an LLL entity,

  • online spaces whose Leader administrators/moderators are all connected to or served by the same entity are accountable to that entity unless the online space administrators/moderators make a connection for the space to a different entity.
  • online spaces whose Leader administrators/moderators are connected to or served by different DCEs are accountable to LLLI unless the space’s administrators/moderators arrange for a connection to a different entity.

The LLLI Board and each DCE Board/Council determines its own processes and requirements for connection of online spaces to itself or to any Group, Area, or Area Network connected to it.

The LLL or LLLI entity to which the online space is connected is responsible for adhering to this policy and to the LLL Policies and Standing Rules within that space.

An online space’s administrators/moderators can change its connection by agreement with the entity to which the administrators/moderators want to connect. If the online space is operating as part of a specific LLL entity or using the logo or name (“Combined Marks”) of that entity, any change in connection is subject to the requirements of that entity’s agreement for its online spaces.

Closing of an Online Space

If an owner of an online space ceases to be a Leader from the LLL entity to which the online space is connected, they transfer ownership of the online space to another Leader from the LLL entity to which the online space is connected. If such a transfer is not possible, the owner of the online space removes/deletes or deactivates/archives the space so that it can no longer be accessed.

Guidelines for interactive online spaces

All LLLI and LLL online spaces

  • protect the reputation and image of LLL, the LLLI trademarks and LLL Combined Marks. and use LLL trademarks and logos in accordance with LLL policies [See Logo and Name Protection and Brand and Style Guidelines]
  • have clear guidelines for participation that are consistent with all LLL policies, particularly the LLL Code of Conduct, Social Media Policy for Leaders, and Leader Rights and Responsibilities
  • have a timely and equitable system for moderating the space and ensuring adherence to the guidelines
  • have at least one Leader administrator/moderator who is willing to be accountable for any violation of the space’s guidelines or this policy
  • have a group of administrators/moderators that is as reflective as possible of the entire target population, including marginalized groups as defined below
  • include a system of warnings prior to removing participants, and provide a method of appeal
  • post their guidelines in the online space and require participants to read and agree to them before joining
Respectful Communication

All participants are expected to communicate respectfully in accordance with the LLL Code of Conduct and the LLL Social Media Policy for Leaders.

Administrators, moderators, and participants of LLL or LLLI online spaces adhere to the inclusivity statement of the entity where the online space is connected.  If the entity has no inclusivity statement of its own, the administrators, moderators, and participants of the online space adhere to the LLLI Inclusivity Statement.

Guidelines for LLLI and LLL online spaces recognize the historical marginalization within LLL of certain communities such as Black, Brown, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodivergent, non-native speaking, minority religious groups, and the financially or educationally disadvantaged.  There are also other groups that are marginalized in specific contexts throughout the organization. Moderators for each online space take care that the voices of marginalized groups present within LLL and in their particular LLL online spaces are heard, respected, and protected within the general guidelines applicable to all participants.

(March 2023)