Leader Statement of Commitment

A Leader commits annually to the following Statement of Commitment, following the process outlined in their Area, Area Network, and/or DCE.

I am personally committed to furthering the mission of LLL and to supporting breastfeeding as presented in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and other LLLI publications. I understand and agree that in using the designation “La Leche League Leader,” and in representing La Leche League, I will comply with the most recently published version of the La Leche League Policies and Standing Rules as posted on the LLLI website. I will resign from this position if for any reason I find that I can no longer represent La Leche League in accordance with this agreement, and I will discontinue use of the designation “La Leche League Leader.”

DATE (Signature)

(Oct 09; Dec 19; Aug 20; Apr 21, Feb 22)