Leader Accreditation Removal

The LLLI Board of Directors, in consultation with the Direct Connect Entity or Entities (DCEs) to which the Leader is connected, may impose sanctions or remove the Leader’s accreditation if the Leader does one or more of the following:

  • does not honor the Statement of Commitment;
  • does not support LLL philosophy;
  • breaches the LLL Code of Conduct or other LLL policies,
  • publicly discredits LLL; or
  • displays behavior that causes sustained conflict or interferes with the Leader’s own or others’ effectiveness as a Leader.

No LLL Leader will be sanctioned or have their LLL Leader accreditation removed by LLLI without consultation with the entities to which the Leader is connected.

An Area, in consultation with its DCE Council or Board, may sanction a Leader for one of the causes above or initiate a request to LLLI for removal of accreditation as a Leader.

In situations where LLLI is considering the sanction or removal of accreditation of a Leader, 90 days will be allowed for the issues to be resolved before sanctions are imposed or accreditation removed.

If immediate action is required, all involved parties will be informed of the reasons for immediate action. Opportunity for resolution will be given, and the final decision may be determined in less than 90 days.

The decision of the LLLI Board may be reviewed by the Global Leaders Committee (GLC).

(May 82; rev Feb 83, Jul 99, Oct 08, Mar 09, Apr 21)