Guidelines for the Appraisal of the ED

Before appraising the Executive Director, it is necessary that all Board members fully understand the Board/Executive Director/Staff relationships, described below.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS-------------EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR----------------	
                        :                                       |
CHAIRMAN OF BOARD.......:      accepts responsibility           |
                               and becomes accountable          |
                               to Board                         |

—— = line of authority
…… = line of communication

The Board of Directors:

  • Makes all policy decisions.
  • Determines who will implement policy decisions.
  • Hires the Executive Director.
  • Gives authority to the Executive Director to manage the day-to-day business of the organization and to carry out assigned Board of Directors policy decisions.

The Executive Director:

  • Accepts Board of Directors-delegated responsibility.
  • Becomes accountable to the Board of Directors for own and all Staff performance, i.e., outcomes, within the scope of the authority delegated to her and the responsibility accepted by her.
  • Cannot be held responsible for the outcome/result of any policy implementation that is not delegated to her, not accepted by her, or delegated but later removed from her scope of responsibility.
  • Works primarily with the Chairman of the Board to accomplish organizational goals and objectives established by the Board of Directors.

Note: Staff is accountable to the ED, and the ED is ultimately accountable to the Board of Directors for all Staff performance.

All members of the Board of Directors, including the Chairman of the Board, are responsible to the entire Board of Directors, which acts as a single unit. In its relations with Staff, the Board of Directors’ concerns are results and outcomes-not the (Staff) methods or procedures.


The Appraisal Committee shall consist of:

  • Chairman of the Board
  • Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Standing Committee chairmen (Action, Audit, Bylaws, Finance, Personnel, Program Services, Resource Development).

(Jan 84; rev May 89, Feb 99; Mar 06)