The Global Professional Liaison Network Commission

The Global Professional Liaison Network is a Standing Committee of the La Leche League International (LLLI) Board of Directors, authorized by Article VI, Section 1 of the Bylaws. \

  1. Commission

The Global Professional Liaison Network (GPLN) is commissioned by and responsible to the LLLI Board of Directors to serve as a resource regarding the ongoing education of Leaders on breastfeeding matters, and the provision of up-to-date breastfeeding information to the public.  

  1. Membership
    1. GPLN members are
      • Leaders. Up to 10% of the GPLN membership may be non-Leaders who have relevant professional qualifications
      • interested in remaining current in breastfeeding research
      • capable of critically reading scientific articles relating to breastfeeding 
      • able to summarize information accurately and in a manner accessible for all Leaders and for a general audience 
    2. Background experience as a part of LLL Professional Liaison teams and /or in the healthcare professions is a plus but not essential. Strong writers with an interest in science and the latest breastfeeding research are welcome.  Geographic, cultural, and linguistic diversity is valued. 
    3. GPLN members are accepted based upon: 
      • recommendations by their LLL entities and/or other recommendations, when the request to join comes from outside LLL 
      • professional and/or volunteer experience as evidenced by their CV (curriculum vitae) and other background information
      • commitment to assist annually in the preparation of at least 2-3 articles or other projects
      • competency to learn and use software applications that facilitate exchange of ideas, teamwork, and collaboration
    4. The chair(s) will verify that the potential non-Leader member is familiar with and willing to adhere to the LLL Mission and Philosophy, Code of Conduct and the LLLI Language in Publications policy. 
      GPLN representatives must sign the necessary agreement to maintain the copyright requirements as determined by the Copyright Clearance Center license held by LLLI and copyright law. Conservative interpretation of the copyright requirements makes maximum GPLN membership approximately 100.  
    5. Members serve a one-year term, which is renewable indefinitely. The preference is for members to serve multiple terms to ensure continuity of work.
    6. Liaisons
      • If not a GPLN member, the Medical Advisory Team (MAT) coordinator is a liaison to the GPLN. The MAT coordinator coordinates requests for consultation with the Medical Advisory Team 
      • Liaisons from other LLLI Committees are appointed to the GPLN from the:
        • Social Media and Website Committee 
        • International Code and Conflicts Committee
  2. Chair(s)
    1. Chair(s) of the GPLN serve a one-year term, which may be renewed. The preference is for chair(s) to serve multiple terms to ensure continuity of work.
    2. Plan committee’s goals in consultation with the LLLI Board of Directors
    3. Guide the GPLN to achieve these goals
    4. Identify topics to be addressed in new or updated resources
    5. Share proposed topics with Publications Coordinating Committee
    6. Set priorities for GPLN update of topics on the LLLI website 
    7. Ensure appropriate review by the International Code and Conflicts Committee and the LLLI Editorial Review Board
    8. Serve on the Publications Coordinating Committee
    9. Coordinate access for GPLN members to LLLI institutional subscriptions. Currently these include the following publications: 
      • Clinical Lactation
      • Journal of Human Lactation
      • Breastfeeding Medicine
      • Pediatrics 
  3. Committee Duties
    1. comply with the LLLI Board Committee General Guidelines policy
    2. Implement preparation of resources with a rigorous process of collaboration and review within the GPLN
    3. Ensure appropriate review by the International Code and Conflicts Committee and the LLLI Editorial Review Board
    4. Consult with the Medical Advisory Team for review of complex medical topics
    5. Suggest topics and speakers for LLLI sponsored conferences 
    6. Review breastfeeding and cultural information in webinars, images, Leader’s Handbook, and other LLLI publications, as requested 
    7. Provide input to the LLLI Executive Director, as requested, for response to breastfeeding related concerns received by LLLI from members of the public and communications media
    8. Review resources submitted to the GPLN by other LLLI committees for consistency with current breastfeeding research

(March 2024)