Collaborative Action

LLL Leaders, LLLI staff, and LLLI volunteers have the option to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with others whose purposes are compatible with the LLL mission.

Collaborative action is defined as any project undertaken by Leaders or LLL entities jointly with other individuals, organizations, or governments. Any collaborative action has as its focus furthering the mission of LLL and is carried out in accordance with this policy and any corresponding LLLI and entity guidelines. For projects that involve financial benefit to LLL, or partnerships and sponsorships with commercial entities, see the Financial Code of Ethics.

The mission of La Leche League does not prevent interaction with other organizations whose purposes are compatible with the LLL mission.

A Leader informs and gets approval from their entity before engaging in collaborative action.

Limits of Collaboration

LLL Expertise.
An LLL Leader representing LLL/LLLI on a board, panel, task force, committee, or other similar group is authorized to speak for LLL only on subjects within the scope of the LLL mission and within the definition of a Leader’s role.

International Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent resolutions (hereafter, the Code).

  • When engaged in collaborative action, Leaders and LLL entities follow the International Code of the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent WHA resolutions.
  • Leaders and LLL entities take care that in any collaborative action LLL does not appear to support or be influenced by individuals or non-governmental organizations that do not meet their obligations under the Code. Each situation will be different. If in doubt, Leaders and LLL entities should consult their local Code committee or the LLLI International Code and Conflicts Committee.
  • All funding sources will support or be consistent with the obligations of La Leche League’s commitment to abide by the International Code. (See Financial Code of Ethics)

Written Materials. Written breastfeeding information supplied as part of collaborative action is reviewed according to the processes of the Leader’s LLL entity. A mandatory disclaimer is prominently included in any jointly produced publication to the effect: “La Leche League [entity] provided the breastfeeding information contained in [publication]. All other information is outside LLL’s scope of expertise”.

Personal Benefit. Leaders do not receive payment or accept personal donations for their advocacy work as Leaders. Donations towards the Leader’s Group, Area, Area Network, or Direct Connect Entity (DCE) may be accepted if the entity being donated to has an appropriate process for recording donations. See Code of Conduct item 5.1.

Protecting Leader Contact Information. LLL entities do not share their contact information lists with other organizations. See Contact Information Lists.

Representing Other Organizations. To protect the reputation of LLLI, LLL Leaders do not act as representatives for any organization similar to LLL in providing volunteer, peer-to-peer breastfeeding or lactation support, nor do they provide administrative or Board member support for such organizations. LLL Leaders may be donors or members of similar organizations. See Code of Conduct.

Documentation and Coordination

  • Reporting. Leaders who accept the responsibility of representing LLL in a collaborative action, consult and report on their activity where requested or required by their Area or DCE and keep clear records.
  • Use of LLLI marks (name and logos). LLLI retains the final authority over all use of the LLLI marks and combined marks, including the LLL name and local entities’ logos, in any collaborative action activity. See the Financial Code of Ethics and the Logo policy for further details.
  • Acknowledgment of LLL Participation. Leaders or entities engaging in collaborative action are identified as representatives of La Leche League in any acknowledgements given.
  • Signing a Document on Behalf of an LLL entity (LLL Area, Area Network, or DCE). When Leaders, LLLI staff or LLLI volunteers sign anything on behalf of La Leche League, they follow the guidelines of their LLL entity for authorization or review.

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