Bylaws Committee


The LLLI Bylaws Committee is a standing committee of the LLLI Board of Directors.

The LLLI Board of Directors will assign specific policy reviews to the Bylaws Committee. The LLLI Board may also choose to assign particular policies to other appropriate LLLI departments, personnel, ad hoc committees, special committees, or task forces.

The commission of the Bylaws Committee is to:

Regularly review and update the Bylaws and LLL Policies and Standing Rules (PSR).

As necessary, advise the LLLI Board about the policies and rules governing LLLI and LLL operations.

Consult as needed with appropriate legal counsel to ensure that the Bylaws and PSR conform to current Illinois law and any other relevant legal requirements.

In addition, the LLLI Bylaws Committee includes a standing subcommittee, the DCE Review Panel, that is made up of one representative from each DCE Council or Board, or another Leader of their choosing.

The commission of the DCE Review Panel is to offer revisions to Bylaws and PSR drafts that the Bylaws Committee presents. The DCE Review Panel provides important input into changes in all policies and procedures under review by LLLI.


The Bylaws Committee:

  • As assigned by the LLLI Board, prepares drafts of new policies, amendments to the Bylaws and revisions to the PSR or LLLI procedures for LLLI Board approval.
  • Reviews all proposed Bylaws revisions, PSR revisions and amendments, and procedures under review by LLLI for consistency with both the spirit and the letter of the mission, vision and purpose of LLL, with all other policies and the DCE agreements, with the LLLI inclusivity statement; and with the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and any other commitments between LLLI and other breastfeeding organizations.
  • Facilitates the review by the DCE Review Panel of all policy amendments and revisions and of procedures under review by LLLI.
  • Consults about new policies, revisions, and amendments with other LLL entities as appropriate.
  • Consults with appropriate legal counsel as needed.
  • Ensures that the Bylaws and PSR are updated on the LLLI website within one week of final approval of the changes.
  • Makes translations of new or updated policies available to Leaders in as many languages as is reasonably feasible.
The DCE Review Panel:
  • Reviews and comments upon any revisions or additions to any policies and procedures under review by LLLI, including but not limited to the Bylaws and PSR, before they are presented to the Board for approval.
  • Takes all policies and procedures under their review to their DCE Councils/Boards for consultation and comments.
  • Has the option of deciding that they do not need to review a particular policy or procedure but can pass it directly to the LLLI Board.

(Sep 82; rev Jun 85, Oct 89, Oct 00, Nov 13, Sep 14, Mar 19, Oct 20)