Books and Other Published Matter

Books published by LLLI and LLL entities must fully reflect LLL philosophy and are the only books recommended by LLLI. Non-LLLI/LLL publications may be recommended and sold by LLL entities along with LLLI/LLL publications, subject to the review process detailed in Book Evaluation Guidelines

Non LLLI/LLL Books and other published matter sold or distributed by LLL entities or placed in LLL Group libraries shall be supportive of the mission, purpose and philosophy of LLL and helpful to parents within the parameters of the criteria listed below:

Books dealing directly with breastfeeding or related to breastfeeding and the breastfeeding relationship.
Professional books substantially dealing with breastfeeding.
Children’s books, if they have illustrations of breastfeeding, encourage loving family relationships, or promote family-centred activities.
Books that include information beyond the mission, purpose and philosophy of LLL (e.g. preschool options; vaccination) may be acceptable if:
the author maintains an objective stance in describing a variety of perspectives, and
the author does not promote an idea that is inconsistent with the mission, purpose and philosophy of LLL.
Books that primarily and specifically advocate a religion or a cause-based philosophy are not acceptable. However, a book containing accurate information on breastfeeding or other topics related to the mission, purpose and philosophy of LLL wherein the author’s personal faith or beliefs are an integral part of the presentation may be acceptable if the philosophy/belief does not overshadow the topic[s] for which the book is being evaluated. The Book Evaluation Committee may recommend that reviews of the book include a disclaimer to the effect that LLL does not endorse the personal faith or beliefs of the author.
Books will be culturally appropriate within the guidance of LLL philosophy.
The goal of LLL is to provide materials that aid readers in making informed decisions. Books that present a balanced and informative case for attitudes or practices aligned with LLL philosophy are appropriate. Books that persuade primarily by attacking, opposing or undermining evidence-based information should be avoided.

A book written with the intent of provoking a strong response and motivating the reader to breastfeeding advocacy may be acceptable. It is important that the information presented is current, accurate and fair. A less than positive view towards some aspect of LLLI does not preclude a book from approval.

(August 2020)