PSR: Book Evaluation Guidelines

Book Evaluation Guidelines

LLL entities that approve publications for their bibliographies will establish a Book Evaluation Process including the following elements:

Review and short written recommendation for approval by at least three Leaders within guidance of LLL philosophy.
It is recommended that medical or technical information is reviewed by a Professional Liaison representative and medical advice taken as relevant.
Sharing bibliography and where requested, recommendations, with other interested entities and LLLI. An entity may rely on the recommendation of another entity but is not obligated to do so. All entities preferably will undertake at least an abbreviated process to ensure suitability for their own public, both in terms of language and culture.

Opportunity for Leaders to appeal decisions approving or not approving a publication. On issues of organization-wide significance, such as International Code compliance or serious concerns about “mixing causes”, an appeal may be brought to the LLLI Board of Directors.

(effective October 31, 1997; recorded Feb 98, August 2020)