LLLI Board Vacancy

In the event that an LLLI Board seat is vacated for any reason during a term, timely replacement is important so the organization can continue to achieve its fiscal and strategic goals.

The Board Election Committee of the DCE whose seat has been vacated may ask the LLLI Board Nominating Committee for help, if needed.

If there are at least six months left in the vacant three-year Board term, the DCE fills the vacant seat either by election or appointment. The new LLLI Board member will serve the remainder of the vacated three-year term.

If fewer than six months remain in the vacant term, the position is filled at the next election.

In the event that a DCE cannot find a candidate within their own DCE to fill their LLLI Board seat, they have the opportunity to fill that position with a person from outside LLL or from another DCE.

A majority of LLLI Board members are Leaders (see Bylaws section 3).

A Leader serving as a Board representative for a DCE has a primary or secondary connection to that DCE.

For candidates who are not Leaders within the DCE, the DCE BEC decides upon a process that provides the Leaders in that DCE with an opportunity to learn more about the candidate prior to their possible election or appointment.

The DCE establishes ongoing communication between their LLLI Board representative(s) and their Council/Board/Leaders.

(Oct 92; rev Feb 97, Mar 06, Sep 13, Dec 17, Jan 18, Feb 2023)