PSR: Board Representation

Board Representation

To ensure that the electoral process is fully democratic and equitable and in order to further the goals of internationalization and democracy, the LLLI Board of Directors shall be elected by its Leaders.

Board seats will be allocated for each Direct Connect Entities (DCE). Per the Bylaws, DCEs are defined as Affiliates and DCANS. They are currently established as:

  • Alliance
  • Canada
  • Europe (EAN)
  • Great Britain
  • International (IAN)
  • Ligue La Leche
  • New Zealand
  • United States of America (USA)

Additional DCEs may be added per organizational guidelines.

Each DCE will receive at least one Board seat allocation.

The total number of DCE eligible seats will be based on the official annual Leader population census on January 31st preceding the start of the nomination process for the election. For example, the January 31st, 2018 Leader count will be used to determine allocations for the 2019 Board elections.

Allocation Method

LLLI Board seats are allocated by:

  1. Calculating the percentage of total Leaders in each DCE (# Leaders in DCE divided by total # Leaders x 100)
  2. Multiplying the resulting percentage of Leaders in the DCE times the total number of Board seats allowed by the Bylaws.
  3. Allocating the resulting whole unrounded numbers as seats to each DCE, while ensuring every DCE is allocated at least one seat and no DCE is allocated more than three seats,
  4. Determining whether an additional seat or seats may be available due to fractional seats
  5. Allocating any additional seats to the DCE(s) who are eligible for an additional seat without exceeding three seats. The allocation among them will be determined according to the highest fractional remainder, in descending order of the remainders.

(Allocation Method – March 2023)

The formula for Board seat allocation may be changed from time to time at the request of one or more DCEs or the Board Nominating Committee. The Board Nominating Committee and all DCE Election Committees shall meet to discuss the proposed changes and must decide mutually to recommend them. A simple majority vote of the DCEs and the Nominating Committee, with each entity getting one vote, would signify approval of the proposed recommendation. The Board shall vote for final approval within 30 days after receiving the recommendation. Any changes to the proposed formula must be approved no later than eight months prior to a scheduled election, so that there will be adequate time for the changes to go into effect. See current election timeline for dates.

The number of Board seats from any DCE may not represent more than 50 percent of the total number of Board members in order to ensure a wide perspective on the Board and to prevent a single entity from possessing a majority stake.

A DCE has the option to waive or decline a Board seat. They must express that decision at least four months in advance of the scheduled election, so that the Board Nominating Committee and the DCE Board Election Committees have adequate time for assembling the requisite number of candidates to meet Bylaws requirements for Board composition (minimum of 9, maximum of 14). See current election timeline for dates.

Founders serving on the Board do not affect the seats delegated to each DCE, nor does their service count toward the Bylaws-designated Board number minimum or maximum.

(Oct 92; rev Feb 97, Mar 06, Sep 13, Dec 17, Jan 18. May 2019)