Board Nominating Committee Selection Guidelines

To be considered as a Board member for La Leche League International, a candidate must:

  1. Agree with the philosophy of La Leche League and to work within its policies.
  2. Comply with the La Leche League International Conflict of Interest Policy and declare any relationships and/or potential conflicts during the nomination period.
  3. Respect and follow the World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions in all aspects of their work within LLL and outside of LLL.
  4. Be able to work collaboratively and respectfully with fellow Board members, Leaders, Staff and other La Leche League volunteers to determine and accomplish organizational goals. Recognize that working towards consensus and encouraging healthy communication is desirable.
  5. Be willing to be an active, working member by serving on a minimum of one committee and chairing a standing or special committee, if required.
  6. Be able to attend Board sessions regularly (approximately 2-3 days plus necessary travel time, 2 or 3 times a year) and to participate in regular online Board sessions (typically monthly).
  7. Be prepared to maintain records and files of Board minutes and committee activities;
  8. Be free and willing to work between Board sessions, and willing to work to time commitments, currently around 20 hours per week.
  9. Recognize that the financial health of the organization is the responsibility of the Board. Be willing to participate in fundraising activities and support the organization financially according to one’s means.1
  10. Be willing to participate in Board orientation and continuing education
  11. If a Leader, a letter confirming good standing with the primary Area. Non-Leader: expectation of joining as member.
  12. Have significant administrative, professional, or organizational experience inside or outside of LLL beyond that of the local Group.
  13. Be able to bring the perspective of their Direct Connect Entity while maintaining a global strategic view without prejudice or judgment.
  14. Commit to ongoing communication with their Direct Connect Entity and its Leaders.
  15. Commit to ongoing, open-minded engagement with Board members from other Direct Connect Entities and, where appropriate, participate in global administrative symposiums.
  16. Understand the concept of diversity in all its forms.
  17. Be aware of the impact the presence of a Board member can have when posting on social media.2

(date unrecorded; rev Jun 84, Feb 97, Dec 17, Jan 18, Sept 18)

1. Point of information: Major donors and foundations in the United States, when deciding whether to donate, expect financial participation by all members of Board. The principle is important, not the amount donated
2. PSR Social Media: LLLI Board Member Participation in LLL Leader Social Media Spaces.