Board Elections


Annual Board elections will be administered by the respective DCE Board Election Committees in cooperation with the LLLI Board and its Nominating Committee.
Each DCE shall devise an election that fits the needs of their Leaders per their DCE/Area Agreements and/or Bylaws, follows LLLI Bylaws, and respects the laws and regulations of government where the DCE operates.
Each DCE will establish a Board Election Committee. The purpose of this committee is to identify and determine the eligibility of potential Board candidates, work closely with the Board Nominating Committee to assure candidates will be a good fit for LLLI Board service, and conduct the election of Board members within their own.
This committee shall be constituted with five members, or a number and composition as defined by the DCE governing agreements. Anyone who wishes to be considered for the upcoming election as a Board candidate is not eligible to serve on the DCE Board Election Committee.


Each Leader has the power to cast an individual ballot within their DCE. Where local laws and regulations require otherwise, that system shall be honored and recognized for LLLI Board elections.

In DCEs where proxy voting is part of the DCE/Area Agreement and/or Bylaws, every effort shall be made to have the voting electorate be as broadly based as possible. Proxy voting is defined for LLLI purposes as an LLL entity casting a ballot on behalf of one or more Leaders.

The DCE shall decide on the voting processes that it will recognize during its election and share that information with the Board Nominating Committee no later than five months prior to the election. See current election timeline for dates.


The Board Election shall take place at least 30 days before the Annual Board Session. DCEs may elect to schedule their election at an earlier date than the 30 days requirement as long as all other Bylaws and PSR timing provisions are satisfied.


In order to assure fair and equitable elections throughout the global organization, each DCE shall:

  1. Elections shall be conducted such that all Leaders in good standing have full access;
  2. Ensure that the election occurs via confidential ballot;
  3. Allow at least 24 hours (1 day) for a voting window, not to exceed 168 hours (7 days).

In the event a Leader cannot vote during the specified period, an absentee ballot may be requested by a written or electronic request to the DCE Board Election Committee at least one week prior to the scheduled election.


Accessibility of nomination- and election- related materials in a language easily understood by local Leaders in each entity around the world is a top priority for LLLI. Where volunteer resources are not available to translate materials in a timely manner, LLLI will identify and pay for translation services for candidate nomination materials, candidate information, election information, and ballots.

To meet language needs equitably and in a well-defined and cost-efficient manner, the DCE Board Election Committees will work with the Board Nomination Committee to identify the translations required for each annual election. No later than five months prior to the election, the members should collectively decide on what translations are necessary and identify whether volunteer or paid translation services are required. This should provide adequate time for needed translations during nomination and election processes. See current election timeline for dates.


To ensure that the electoral process is fully democratic and equitable, any effort to influence the selection process in a positive or negative manner by campaigning, canvassing, electioneering, or otherwise is prohibited, and any candidate engaging in or permitting such behavior may be withdrawn from the election upon the mutual agreement of the Board Nominating Committee and DCE Election Committee.


  1. A simple majority vote of those participating in the election shall constitute an election of a Board candidate.
  2. In order for the election to be valid, at least 10 percent of Leaders in each DCE must participate in the election and results of the election must be reported to the LLLI Board Nominating Committee within 48 hours of its conclusion. A proxy vote on behalf of an Area, Area Network, or Affiliate exceeds the 10 percent minimum requirement, as the vote represents a simple majority of represented Leaders.
  3. In the case of an election where voting is open to every Leader in the DCE, at least 10 percent of Leaders in the DCE must cast a vote. In the case of an election where voting is cast by an appointed group, the group’s own rules for passing a motion shall apply. Results shall be reported to the LLLI Board within 48 hours of the conclusion of the election.
  4. If an election fails to reach the required level of participation or the DCE Board Election Committee is unable to report the results within the 48-hour deadline, the DCE Board Election Committee shall contact the Board Nominations Committee to determine appropriate steps.


In the event of a tie, a second election will be scheduled no later than 14 days from the initial election, with the winner of that election becoming the Board member.

(Dec 17, Jan 18)