LLLI Board Committees

Allyson Shames (Chair) – LLL USA
Tiziana de Meo – EAN
Linda Dockril – LLL New Zealand
Anne Gaskell – LLLGB
Devorah Schesch-Wernick – IAN

as of  June 2023

The Action, Networking and Advocacy Committee advises the Board on advocacy and relevant global health initiatives supportive of breastfeeding, coordinates networking with other relevant organizations that protect, promote and/or support breastfeeding, and recommends actions relevant to advocacy and networking.

Contact: actioncmte@llli.org

Ann Calandro – Alliance
Mel Neal – LLLC
Hiroko Hongo (co-Chair) – IAN
Marian Tompson (co-Chair)
Judy Canahuati – Alliance
Sarah Denniston – LLLGB
RuthAnna Mather – IAN
Pushpa Panadem – IAN
Juanita Jauer Steichen – EAN
Helen Gray – LLLGB Ann Calandro – Alliance
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) – LLL USA
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

The Audit Committee presents to the Board 1) a recommendation of an independent public accountant to be employed for preparation of the audit for the current fiscal year and 2) the auditor’s report and any response to questions regarding contents and procedures used.

Contact: auditcmte@llli.org

Susan Oldrieve (Chair) – LLL USA
Laura Goodwin-Wright – Alliance
Anne Marie Miller – Alliance
April Knight-Odolinski – Staff Liaison
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

The Bylaws Committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to the basic rules of governance of the organization and consults with appropriate legal counsel, as needed, to ensure that the Bylaws conform with laws of the State of Illinois so that all functions of the organization may be effectively and efficiently carried out in conformity with established policies and procedures of LLLI.

Contact: bylawscmte@llli.org

Sarah Denniston. (co-Chair) – LLLGB
Johanna Rhys-Davies (co-Chair) – UK based volunteer
Devorah Schesch-Wernick (co-Chair) – IAN
Edith Boxman – IAN
Carolyn Driver-Burgess – LLL New Zealand
Judy Elder – Alliance
Marie-Lyne Pelletier – Ligue La Leche
Diane Thompson – Alliance
Linda Wieser – LAD Council
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance 
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

DCE Review Panel of Proposed Bylaws and Policies, a Subcommittee of the Bylaws Committee
Christelle Adams – Ligue La Leche
Sara Dale-Bley/Linda Anderson – LLL USA
Pam Freedman – Alliance
Eileen Harrison – EAN
Cecily Heslett – LLL Canada
Janine Pinkham – LLL New Zealand
Priscilla Stothers – IAN
vacant – LLLGB
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance 
Devorah Schesch-Wernick (Ex officio) – IAN
Sarah Denniston (Ex officio) – LLLGB
Jo Rhys Davies (Ex officio) – LLLGB
Zion Tankard – Staff liaison

as of June 2023

The LLLI Conference Task Force is commissioned to organize a global, online conference, to coincide with the publication of the The Art of Breastfeeding (AoB), in October 2024. 

Contact: conferenceteam@llli.org

Carolyn Driver-Burgess (co-Chair) – LLL New Zealand
Ellen Mateer (co-Chair) – LLLGB
Pam Freedman – Alliance
Lydia de Raad – (AoB writer liaison) – EAN
Johanna Rhys-Davies – UK based volunteer
Diane Thompson – Alliance
Marianne Vakiener – LLL USA
GG Williams (AoB writer liaison) – LLLGB
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) – LLL USA
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of November 2023

The Finance Committee is responsible for advising the Board on matters pertaining to the fiscal and/or financial operation of LLLI and works with staff to prepare the budget for each fiscal year. The Committee presents the budget to the Board for approval. The Committee also reviews the financial policies of the organization and develops any further policies deemed necessary.

Contact: financecmte@llli.org

Diane Thompson (Chair) – Alliance
Catherine Marquis – LLLI Volunteer
Devorah Schesch-Wernick – IAN
Linda Whittaker – supporter
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of November 2023

Jane Farren – EAN
Ale Galvan – IAN
Rosemary Gordon – LLL New Zealand
Sandy Moore-Furneaux – LLL USA
Anne Gaskell – LLLGB

as of  November 2023

LLLI established the GPLN to serve as a resource for all Areas and Direct Contact Entities regarding the ongoing education of Leaders and the provision of up-to-date breastfeeding information in a culturally appropriate manner. Currently, we are focusing on the update of a variety of topics on the LLLI website – Breastfeeding Resources A to Z.

We are recruiting additional members for the GPLN.

Contact us at gpln@llli.org

Edith Boxman, IAN, Co-Coordinator
Judith Gibel, LLL USA, Co-Coordinator

Victoria Casey
Anne Gaskell
Dr. Justice Reilly

Kelley Baer 
Bibiana Moreno Carranza
Mary Marine 
Pat Young

Betty Crase
Ann Calandro
Cindy Garrison
Helen LaPlant
Hannah McPhearson
Ellen Rubin
Susan Mocsny Thomas

Luz Amaranta Avendaño
Dr. Rahmat Bibi Bagus
Nathalie Clermont
Heidy Guzman
Nan Jolly
Ellen Longman
Katinka Musavaya
Janedy Shun-Chuan Chen
Monica Tesone

LLL New Zealand
Robin Jones

Ligue La Leche
Marie-Lyne Pelletier

LLL Canada
Cynthia Mann
Erin Northrup

The purpose of the Inclusivity and Outreach Committee is to advise the Board of Directors and make recommendations aimed at increasing inclusivity and outreach throughout La Leche League.

Contact: iandocmte@llli.org
Devorah Schesch-Wernick (Board Liaison) – IAN
Michelle Angeletti – Alliance
Carolyn Driver-Burgess – LLLNZ
Annette Maier – Alliance
Ellen Mateer – LLLGB
Sara Dodson – LLL USA
Misty Dunn – LLL USA
Louise Moran – LLLGB
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison
Ashley Wilson – Staff Liaison

as of November 2023

The International Code and Conflict of Interest Committee:
• reviews all LLLI policies related to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and relevant WHA Resolutions (Code)
• reviews policies relevant to potential conflicts with the Code or other conflicts of interest (CoI) related to collaboration with other organizations, companies, or individuals
•  evaluates, upon request, potential relationships that LLLI, other LLL entities, or Leaders may be considering with corporate entities, the media, other business interests, or other individuals that could present conflicts with the Code, other conflicts of interest, or conflicts with LLL philosophy
• offers information and guidance to the LLLI Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Development Director, or other LLLI staff, other LLL entities, or Leaders who have questions pertaining to these issues
• makes recommendations to the LLLI Board or staff, other LLL entities, or Leaders related to the Code and possible conflicts of interest,
• ensures that the chapter in the Leader Handbook is updated periodically to reflect changes in:
o  the International Code,
o new World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions impacting the description of the Code in the chapter,
o  information about LLLI partnerships related to the Code, and
o resources for Leader training, and
• makes current recommendations regarding Board and Leader training in the Code and facilitate such training when possible.

Contact: ed@llli.org

Juanita Jauer Steichen (Chair) – EAN
Carolyn Driver-Burgess (Board Liaison) – LLLNZ

Mel Neal – LLL Canada
Charlotte Codron – EAN
Angela Love-Zaranka – LLL USA
Jullita Hypki – EAN
Hilary Lynn Johnston – LLL Canada
Sandy Moore-Furneaux – LLL USA
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) – LLL USA
Zion Tankard – Staff liaison

as of January 2024

The LAD Council is responsible for overseeing the accreditation of LLL Leaders worldwide within the framework of the organization’s philosophy and policy set by the LLLI Board of Directors.

Contact: lad@llli.org 

Cynthia Massey (Chair): LLLI Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (DLAD)

Administrators of Leader Accreditation (ALAs):
Anne Gaskell – LLLGB ALA
Melissa Fenwick – LLL Canada ALA
Helen Gonzales and Mariana Petersen – LLL Latin America co-ALAs
Misha Laudicina – EAN ALA
Kergi Leitgeb – EAN ALA
Cynthia Massey – LLL Alliance ALA
Sandy Moore-Furneaux – LLL USA ALA
Ellen Longman – LLL Asia, Africa and Middle East ALA
Alison Stanton – LLL New Zealand ALA
Christelle Adam-Fréchette – Ligue La Leche

Liaison Administrators:

Tiziana de Meo (Board Liaison) – EAN
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of January 2024

The LLLI Board Operations Committee

Contact: @llli.org

Devorah Schesch-Wernick (Chair) – IAN
Diane Thompson – Alliance
Sarah Denniston – LLLGB
Tiziana de Meo – EAN
RuthAnna Mather – IAN
Marianne Vakiener – LLL USA
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of  September 2023

The Personnel Committee advises the Board on matters pertaining to LLLI personnel, both paid and volunteer. The Committee conducts the annual Board evaluation.

Contact: personnelcmte@llli.org

Tiziana de Meo (Chair) – EAN
Judy Elder – Alliance
Esme Hough – IAN
Helena Matutano – EAN
Constance Pond – Alliance
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) – LLL USA
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

The Program Services Committee determines what volunteer support services are needed throughout LLL and communicates with Leaders throughout the world in order to assess the current needs of the LLL community.

Contact: programsvcscmte@llli.org

Cindy Garrison (Chair) – Alliance
RuthAnna Mather (Board Liaison) – IAN
Edith Boxman – IAN
Ann Calandro – Alliance
Sarah Denniston – LLLGB
Judith Gibel – LLL USA
Simela Petridou – IAN
Yushi Zhang – LLL USA
Mel Neal – LLLC
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison
Ashley Wilson – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

The Publications Coordinating Committee 

Contact: publications@llli.org

RuthAnna Mather (Chair) – IAN
Art of Breastfeeding – Lydia de Raad – EAN and GG Williams – LLLGB
Donor News  – LLLI Staff
GPLN – Edith Boxman – IAN and Judith Gibel – LLL USA
LADders – Rachel Concitis – Alliance and Salley Cotten – Alliance
Liaison from International Code and Conflicts Committee – Juanita Jaier Steichen – EAN
Liaison from Inclusivity and Outreach Committee – Michelle Angeletti – Alliance
LLLI Editorial Review Board – Helen Lloyd – LLLGB
LLL Today – Daliborka Milovanovic – EAN
LLLI News – RuthAnna Mather – IAN and Diane Thompson – Alliance
Social Media and Website – Charlotte Codron – EAN and Ellen Mateer – LLLGB
Translations – Carolyn Driver-Burgess – LLL New Zealand
Webinars – Amy Shaw – Alliance

as of October 2023

The Resource Development Committee advises and makes recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to donations and grants. The Committee also coordinates Board participation in fundraising for LLLI. The Committee liaises with the LLLI Development Director, consults/discusses fundraising activities, and assists in building LLLI relationships with donors.

Contact: resdevcmte@llli.org

Charlene Jenkins (co-Chair) Alliance
Marian Tompson (co-Chair) 
Anabel Parraga – EAN
Laura Goodwin-Wright – Alliance
Isabel Jordan – LLLGB
Lulu Xu – LLLI Volunteer
Amy Shaw (Ex officio) – Alliance
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of October 2023

The Social Media committee creates content for LLLI’s social media platforms, with the aims of:
*promoting LLLI as a trusted brand and source of breastfeeding information and support,
*highlighting the work and achievements of LLL entities, and
*producing resources for Leaders and entities to use.

Committee members moderate LLLI’s social media platforms.
The committee advocates for the social media needs of LLL communities, both Leaders and those we support.
The committee responds to requests from administrators of LLLI’s Facebook support groups.
The committee provides recommendations on the development of LLLI social media and establishes procedures that set high standards for site quality and content integrity.
A website sub-committee provides recommendations on the development of LLLI web content and creates and revises content as required.
A multi-lingual translation sub-committee works on the adaptation of memes into languages other than English for use on LLLI platforms, and to provide resources for LLL entities, Leaders, and their communities to use.

Contact: socmedcmte@llli.org

Charlotte Codron (co-Chair and International Code Liaison) EAN
Ellen Mateer (co-Chair) LLLGB
Vicky Bazoula – EAN
Emilia Bertolo – LLLGB
Caroline Kren – LLL USA
Sandy Moore-Furneaux (LAD Liaison) – LLL USA
Anne-Lisse Taboada – EAN
Anabel Parraga – IAN
Laurel Cahill – LLL USA
Carla Scarsi – EAN
Elena Gkika – EAN
Devorah Schesch-Wernick (Board) – IAN
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) LLL USA
Ashley Wilson – Staff Liaison
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison
Zoe SC (staff)

as of September 2023


The Translations Committee is a Special Committee authorized by Article VI, Section 2 of the Bylaws and is herein commissioned by and responsible to the Board of Directors of La Leche League International for:

  • Developing and implementing a procedure for translation of LLLI documents into six major languages chosen by LLLI
  • Developing and implementing a plan for enabling participation in LLLI committees and forums for speakers of languages other than English;
  • Creating and overseeing translation teams to carry out the work of translating LLLI documents
  • Advising the LLLI Board on translation issues


In conjunction with the Executive Director, this Special Committee shall

  • Consult with DCE Councils and/or translation teams regarding establishing translation procedures and priorities
  • Prioritize LLLI announcements, documents,website material and publications, and the PSR for translation into
    the six major languages chosen by LLLI (Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish)
  • Establish translation teams
  • Find ways for non-fluent English speakers to participate on the LLLI Board, LLLI Committees, LAD Council,
    and other international teams, to ensure global representation
  • Make recommendations to Board, and implement procedures

(June 2021)

Contact: translations@llli.org

Carolyn Driver-Burgess (Chair) LLL New Zealand
Susan Oldrieve (Ex officio) – LLL USA
Devorah Schesch-Wernick – IAN
Ellen Mateer – LLLGB
Marianne Vakiener – LLL USA
Varya Sanina-Garmroud – EAN
Masako Baumgartner (coordinator Japanese team) – LLL USA
Patricia van de Graff (coordinator German team) – LLL USA
Marien Dy Hou (coordinator Chinese team) – IAN
Eileen Harrison (coordinator French team) – EAN
Zion Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

Contact: lllinews@llli.org


RuthAnna Mather – IAN
Diane Thompson – Alliance
ZIon Tankard – Staff Liaison

as of June 2023

Please submit your application to be considered for La Leche League International (LLLI) accreditation review, medical, or conflict teams. This form is for applications for membership of the following LLLI teams: Complaint Resolution Team (CRT), Medical Advisory Team (MAT), Global Leaders Committee (GLC) Review Panel, and Accreditation Review Committee (ARC).Team Application – La Leche League International (llli.org)